Oracle 11i E-Business Suite From the Front Lines

  • 8h 33m
  • April J. Wells (ed)
  • CRC Press
  • 2004

Oracle 11i E-Business Suite from the Front Lines is the first book to compile the tips, techniques, and practical advice for administering Oracle E-Business Suite 11i. The author examines Active Directory Utilities, patching, cloning, and the new features that 11i brings to the market. The book benefits those with limited experience with Oracle Application but with more extensive background in Oracle Database Administration. This volume is valuable to systems administrators or DBAs who have experience with older versions of Oracle Financials and want to expand their knowledge to include the changes inherent in 11i.

The book details the steps in installing a new 11i environment, and explains the process of upgrading from a 10.7 or an 11.0.3 release. It also explores the techniques and results of migrating from one maintenance release of 11i to another.

This analysis offers you real-world hints and recommendations to help you with day-to-day tuning, troubleshooting, and maintenance and will help you deliver reliable service to your end users. It is also a helpful tool for managers and co-workers to understand the daily challenges that Apps DBAs face.

In this Book

  • Introducing Apps
  • 11i, 8i, and 9i New Features
  • The Surrounding Environment
  • Apache
  • JServ
  • Other Services
  • Printing
  • AD and Other Utilities
  • Installation and Migration
  • Patching
  • Cloning
  • Concurrent Managers and Concurrent Programs
  • AutoConfig, Oracle Application Manager, and Other Management Tools
  • Odds and Ends