Peer Supervision in Coaching & Mentoring: A Versatile Guide for Reflective Practice

  • 4h 32m
  • Carol Whitaker, Michelle Lucas, Tammy Turner
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2018

Supervision is increasingly required for a coach’s and a mentor's professional development, and engaging in reflective practice with peers can be a valuable way of meeting these needs. Peer supervision brings unique challenges though, including the possibility of collusion or stagnating at a shared developmental level.

This book is written by practicing professional supervisors who engage in peer supervision themselves and train communities of coaches and mentors. It guides practitioners to develop and integrate their range of individual and group reflective practice activities alongside professional supervision. It draws upon essential theory and methodology, explores challenges and ethical dilemmas faced within peer supervision, and provides concrete guidance, useful techniques and helpful templates.

This practical guide will be vital reading for individual coaching and mentoring practitioners and peer learning groups including within communities, universities and/or training programs. It will also support professional supervisors and organizations developing coaching cultures.

About the Authors

Tammy Turner is based in Sydney, Australia and she develops leaders and other coaching professionals internationally. She has been Director, ICF Australasian Professional Standards and led the ICF’s global task force on coaching supervision.

Michelle Lucas is based in Weymouth, UK and her business focus is Coaching and Coaching Supervision and the development of Internal Coaches. She is the Supervision Education Lead at the Association for Coaching.

Carol Whitaker is based in Oxford, UK and specializes in Executive and Team Coaching, Supervision and Mentoring, and is a Senior Associate Lecturer for Oxford Brookes Business School.

In this Book

  • Defining Peer Supervision
  • Understanding Reflective Practice
  • One to One Peer Supervision
  • Group Peer Supervision
  • Simplifying Contracts and Contracting
  • Exploring Coaching and Mentoring Dilemmas
  • Ethics: The Elephant in the Room
  • Managing Pitfalls
  • Accessing Professional Supervision