Polar Bear Pirates and Their Quest to Engage the Sleepwalkers: Motivate Everyday People to Deliver Extraordinary Results

  • 1h 30m
  • Adrian Webster
  • John Wiley & Sons (UK)
  • 2011

Conquer complacency and transform your team into a happy, winning crew.

Polar Bear Pirates are highly focused, successful characters, they can’t help but motivate everyone around them and just like you; they love to have some fun.

In their latest quest, they take on the Sleepwalkers, the workplace zombies who are with you in body but never take a step beyond the ordinary because their minds have drifted into sleep mode. Going through the motions, thinking the same old stuff and delivering the same results, they stand out like beacons of disappointment.

Sleepwalkers can be found orbiting Planet Complacency. This place is in the arch enemy of success! It is a huge planet, more powerful than the inhospitable Rock Bottom, it appears to be a comfortable, safe and popular place to be. Yet this silent assassin is responsible for snuffing out millions of dreams and kidnapping untold potential.

The Polar Bear Pirates’ mission is to re-awaken dormant talent and release untapped potential. Join them and meet a cast of amazing characters, from Neg Ferrets and Bloaters, to Amps and Vamps. One thing’s for sure, you’ll come out the other side inspired and ready to get the best out of your team and the people around you.

Polar Bear Pirates shows you how to motivate everyday people to deliver extraordinary results.

About the Author

Milkman, policeman and salesman were just a few of the entries on Adrian Webster’s CV before he moved into the IT industry and discovered an extraordinary ability to engage and inspire others to achieve success. The son of a Yorkshire coalminer, he is now a bestselling business author and one of the most popular motivational speakers in Europe today.

In this Book

  • Polar Bear Pirates And Their Quest To Engage The Sleepwalkers—Motivate Everyday People To Deliver Extraordinary Results
  • Introduction
  • Who are The Sleepwalkers?
  • Stepping Beyond Ordinary
  • The Beautiful Planet Complacency
  • Growing People In A Family Environment
  • Look Sideways As Well As Vertically
  • Amps And Vamps
  • The Sperm That Won
  • TNT Sticky Picture Bombs-Handle With Care!
  • Why Wake Up For You?
  • Don’t Do Perfect
  • SONAR Leaders
  • Developing Their Pictures Together
  • Making Time and Space for the Big Doable Stuff
  • Your Ground Rules
  • The Power of Peers
  • Get Out Of That Box!
  • The Dent You Leave Behind
  • Health Warning
  • Six Polar Bear Pirate Attitudes For The Journey Ahead
  • Polar Bear Pirate Terminology


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