Powered by Happy: How to Get and Stay Happy at Work

  • 2h 56m
  • Beth Thomas
  • Sourcebooks
  • 2010

The only pocket-sized book packed with ways to boost not only workplace happiness, but also your-and your company's-performance

Research has shown that employee happiness improves the bottom line, but how can a time-crunched, stressed-out employee wedge in a little joy? Instrumental for anyone working, whether in a cubicle or a corner office, Powered by Happy offers a quick hit of optimism for the workday, which will help your career and job satisfaction.

Employee engagement expert Beth Thomas has crafted a powerful little book filled with upbeat coaching, practical advice, and proven techniques.

About the Author

Beth Thomas is managing director and executive vice president of Sequent Consulting, a firm that provides training and HR services to the corporate sector. She has been senior vice president of retail training at JPMorgan Chase, where she was responsible for the learning and development of nearly 40,000 employees. She has worked with Limited Brands, Abercrombie and Fitch, DSW, and the CIA on how to improve the bottom line by investing in employee happiness. She is a frequent national speaker.

In this Book

  • Create Your Own Definition of Happiness
  • Choose Happiness and Make it Happen
  • Avoid What Holds Your Happiness Hostage: Minimizing Worry and Negative Thoughts
  • Hang With a Gang That Gets It
  • Dump the To-Do List and Start an I-Wish List
  • Take The "Un" out of "Unhappy" and Be Grateful
  • Make a High-Yield Happiness Investment
  • Oh, Happy Day: Get Your Happiness on the Calendar Now!
  • When All Else Fails, Just Laugh
  • Pack Up Your Happiness and Take it to Work