PowerPoint Advanced Presentation Techniques

  • 7h 57m
  • Faithe Wempen
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2004

Get ready to motivate and excite your audience with your next PowerPoint presentation! This no-nonsense, jargon-free guide dives right in to show you all the exhilarating and powerful PowerPoint features that most people don’t even know exist. Packed with priceless information that steers clear of stating the obvious, this book provides technical tidbits, unique ideas, and invaluable tips on avoiding pitfalls, all of which will help you become a more effective and efficient PowerPoint user.

Everything you need to know about

  • Creating design templates and color schemes
  • Building consistency with master layouts
  • Integrating digital photography and video clips
  • Creating complex custom animations
  • Building interactive Web-based presentations
  • Finding and installing time-saving add-ins

About the Author

Faithe Wempen is a Microsoft Office Master Instructor with over 80 computer books to her credit. She is an associate instructor of Computer Information Technology at Purdue University, and reviews Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams for CertCities.com.

In this Book

  • PowerPoint in a Nutshell
  • Working with Templates and Color Schemes
  • Working with Masters and Layouts
  • Importing and Organizing Text
  • Attractive Text Placement
  • Tables and Worksheet Grids
  • Drawing Tools and Graphic Effects
  • Working with Photographic Images
  • Using and Organizing Artwork Libraries
  • Working with Diagrams and Org Charts
  • Using the Charting Tools
  • Sound Effects, Soundtracks, and Narration
  • Using Transitions and Animation Effects
  • Incorporating Motion Video
  • Managing the Presentation Process
  • Attractive Handouts and Speaker Notes
  • User-Interactive and Web-Based Shows
  • Custom Work Environments: Menus and Toolbars
  • Working with Macros and Add-Ins


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