Presentation Success: How to Plan, Prepare, and Deliver Effective Presentations

  • 2h 29m
  • Janis Fisher Chan
  • 1999

No more boring presentations! Presentation Success gives you what it takes to succeed — spectacularly — when you stand up to impress an audience. Packed with easy-to-use worksheets, strategies, and tips, this self-paced course delivers success. It helps you overcome "presentation fear" and makes it easy to plan, prepare, and deliver the kind of presentations that make people sit up and take notice. You'll discover the best ways to prepare your opening, write smooth transitions, plan your Q&A session, and troubleshoot potential problem areas. You'll learn how to use body language, communicate clearly, gain and hold attention, listen effectively, and elicit valuable feedback. Eye-opening self-evaluation exercises enable you to pull the pieces together and practice the skills you need to be a resounding success. You can use the handy resource section to access timely books, websites, and media tools to continue your learning.

Learn how to:

  • Evaluate what your audience already knows, needs to know, and wants to know
  • Organize information so points are followed and understood as they are presented
  • Avoid "overloading" the audience
  • Carefully prepare and use visual and other aids
  • Reduce and control your anxiety and nervousness

In this Book

  • Get Ready to Make Successful Presentations
  • Reducing Presentation Fear
  • Planning a Presentation
  • Preparing the Presentation
  • Delivering the Presentation
  • Using Presentation Aids Effectively
  • Post-Test