Preventing Litigation: An Early Warning System to Get Big Value out of Big Data

  • 3h 12m
  • Nelson E. Brestoff, William H. Inmon
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2015

Preventing Litigation, for the first time, explains how to build an early warning system to identify the risk of litigation before the damage is done, and proves that there is big value in less litigation. The authors are subject matter experts, one in litigation, the other in computer science, and each has more than four decades of training and experience in their respective fields. Together, they present a way forward to a transformative revolution for the slow-moving world of law for the benefit of the fast- paced environment of the business world.

About the Author

Nick Brestoff retired from practicing law after 38 years of litigation experience. He began his career as prosecutor for the city of Los Angeles, and then went to the private sector, switching to civil litigation in both the federal and state courts in California. When he was working as an attorney, Nick s cases included breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, civil rights, construction, employment, environmental, fraud, insurance coverage, professional liability, real estate entitlement (zoning), trade secrets, and unfair competition. Bill Inmon is known as the Father of Data Warehousing. He has become the most prolific and well-known author worldwide in the big data analysis, data warehousing and business intelligence arenas. In 2007, Bill was named by Computerworld as one of the Ten IT People Who Mattered in the Last 40 Years of the computer profession. Having 35 years of experience in database technology and data warehouse design, he is known globally for his seminars on developing data warehouses and information architectures.

In this Book

  • How to Solve a Mystery
  • Orientation
  • How Litigious Are We?
  • Preserving Assets
  • Protecting Leadership and Other Intangibles
  • Introducing the Litigation 100
  • Litigation Cost as a Percentage of Profits and Losses
  • What Is Preventive Law?
  • An Early Warning System to Prevent Litigation?
  • Processing Early Warning Litigation Data
  • Textual Disambiguation—Integrating Text into a Database
  • Visualization
  • Two Examples of Document Types
  • Summary: Textual ETL from an Architectural Perspective
  • An Ophthalmology Analogy
  • Finding the Signal
  • The Enron E-mails
  • The System to Prevent Litigation: Who Should Manage It, and Why
  • The No Privacy Policies
  • How to Configure the System
  • A Product Liability Example
  • Employment Discrimination
  • The Government Provides an Example
  • To Know or Not to Know
  • Our Corollary to Don't Be Evil
  • Notes