Product Training for the Technical Expert: The Art of Developing and Delivering Hands-on Learning

  • 5h 8m
  • Daniel W. Bixby
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2018

An expert guide to developing and delivering technical product training programs

While there are many books on talent development, leadership training, and internal training program development, there are precious few offering subject matter experts (SME’s) guidance on training others to get the most out of their products. Written by a training expert with many years of experience working at top technology companies, Product Training for the Technical Expert fills that yawning gap in the training literature by providing technical experts with a comprehensive handbook on becoming effective product training instructors.

When new technology is rapidly transformed into products for popular consumption, technical experts, such as engineers, and other subject matter experts, are the ones tasked with instructing the public on their use. Unfortunately, most them have little or no prior experience or training in adult education and don’t have a clue about how to transfer their knowledge to others. In this book, author Daniel W. Bixby draws upon his vast experience developing and delivering training programs at Honeywell, Delphax, Telex, Bosch, and TE Connectivity, among other technology companies, to arm SMEs with the knowledge and skills they need to add “Product Training Specialist” to their resumes.

  • Addresses an area of training too often overlooked and ignored in the professional literature
  • Equips SMEs with the tools they need to become effective product instructors
  • Covers both the educational and business aspects of product training for SMEs
  • Packed with tables, illustrations, problem-and-solution sets, tutorials, enlightening real-world examples, worksheets, and group or self-study questions
  • Features a companion website with worksheets and other valuable tools:
  • A must-have professional development resource for students and experienced technical experts alike

Product Training for the Technical Expert is an ideal guide for engineers, product managers, product marketing managers, and technical instructors looking to expand their repertoires and hone their skills. It also makes an excellent course text for graduate-level engineering programs.

About the Author

Daniel W. Bixby is a Training Director in the USA. A training professional with a Masters Degree in Education, he has worked for a range of technology companies including Honeywell, Telex Communications, and Bosch Communications and has served as a chapter president of the Association for Talent Development. He specializes in creating training programs that improve the success of very complicated products. Working with engineers and product managers, he developed various courses, building the objectives and curricula from scratch. He has traveled around the world helping engineers and other technical experts become effective product instructors.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • How to Use This Book—And Who Should Read it
  • Introduction
  • Hands‐on Learning in the Classroom—Articulate Your Approach
  • Experiencing Learning—Emphasize Skill over Information
  • You Know it, Can You Teach it?—Overcoming Your Own Intelligence
  • Ready or Not?—Why Some Students are More Ready to Learn than others
  • It is Never Just Product Training—Why You Should Offer the Training
  • From Good to Great—Defining the Focus of Effective Product Training
  • What is Expected Must Be Inspected—Assessing and Evaluating Hands‐on Learning
  • Dethroning King Content—A Paradigm Shift
  • Designing for Proficiency—Determining the Curriculum
  • Pixels or Paper?—How to Build the Content and Deliverables
  • Speak up—Effective Verbal Engagement
  • Shut up—Effective Listening and Engagement
  • Stand up—Effective Nonverbal Engagement
  • The Smartest Engineer—And other Difficult Students
  • Virtual Facilitation—Tips for Effective Webinars
  • Technical Presentations—Effectively Design and Deliver Technical Information
  • Culture and Proficiency—Training for Proficiency in a Global Environment
  • Certifying Proficiency—The Fundamentals of a Product Proficiency Certification Program
  • Managing the Details—The Effective Administration of Hands‐on Learning
  • Developing New Product Talent—Effective Mentoring of New and Junior Employees
  • Now, Go Do It—To Be an Effective Trainer, You Must Train
  • The Foundation of Hands‐on Learning—An Executive Summary
  • The Strategy of Hands‐on Learning—An Executive Summary
  • The Structure of Hands‐on Learning—An Executive Summary
  • The Facilitation of Hands‐on Learning—An Executive Summary
  • The Operation of Hands‐on Learning—An Executive Summary