Professional Web Design, Volume 2

  • 2h 1m
  • Smashing Magazine
  • Smashing Magazine
  • 2012

The pace at which the Web rolls today has picked up, and we feel obliged to give you a status report and outlook. Learn the most recent changes in Web development, as well as design trends that are likely to catch on and could have a substantial effect on our workflow. Be prepared for the onset of innovative approaches such as responsive Web design, and learn how to apply psychology-based persuasion triggers in your designs. Clear up some myths about HTML5 and CSS3, and make use of the “design matrix” methodology.

You will read about existing and upcoming trends, and will learn how Web design could evolve in the coming months and years. Besides, this book also touches on what Web designers should be ready for and how to keep abreast of new challenges and opportunities.

In this Book

  • The Current State of Web Design
  • Web Design Trends
  • Responsive Web Design—What It is and How to Use it
  • A Showcase of Responsive Web Design
  • Persuasion Triggers in Web Design
  • Why We Should Start Using CSS3 and HTML5 Today
  • HTML5—The Facts and the Myths
  • The User is the Anonymous Web Designer
  • The Design Matrix—A Powerful Tool for Guiding Client Input
  • A Design is Only as Deep as It is Usable
  • Web Designers, Don't Do It Alone
  • Why Design-By-Committee Should Die
  • Design Be er and Faster with Rapid Prototyping
  • When a Thousand Words is Worth a Picture