Project Leadership

  • 2h 29m
  • Arthur Shriberg, Jayashree Venkatraman, Timothy J. Kloppenborg
  • Management Concepts
  • 2003

Product Leadership traces the development of project leadership as fundamental to completing projects effectively, delineates the leadership tasks that must be accomplished at each stage of the project’s life, and helps the reader develop wisdom in making decisions both by learning the ramifications of certain decisions and by seeing how those decisions are made in an example project.

About the Authors

Timothy J. Kloppenborg, PhD, PMP, is an associate professor of Management at Williams College of Business, Xavier University, and President of Kloppenborg and Associates, a consulting and training company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that specializes in project management. He holds an MBA from Western Illinois University and a Ph.D. in Operations Management from the University of Cincinnati. He is a retired U.S Air Force Reserve Officer and a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Arthur Shriberg, EdD, is a professor of Leadership at Xavier University. Dr. Shriberg has been vice president or dean at four universities and is currently the chair of the Board of Commissioners for the Cincinnati Human Relations Commission and a senior consultant for Pope & Associates, an international diversity and management consulting firm. He holds degrees from the Wharton School of Business (BS), Xavier University (Executive Business), Boston University (MEd), and Teachers College, Columbia University (EdD).

Jayashree Venkatraman, MS, MBA, is an independent consultant providing business-to-business solutions and other software solutions to companies. She holds a BS in physics and an MS in computer applications from the University of Madras, India, an MBA from Xavier University, and a certificate in Project Management from the University of Cincinnati. She has more than 12 years of experience in leading, designing, developing, implementing, and integrating software applications in a project environment for varied industries.

In this Book

  • The Origins of Project Leadership
  • Project Initiating
  • Project Planning
  • Project Executing
  • Project Closing
  • Project Leadership Challenges
  • Bibliography