Questions that Work: How to Ask Questions That Will Help You Succeed in Any Business Situation

  • 5h 38m
  • Andrew Finlayson
  • 2001

It’s not enough just to ask questions. It’s knowing which questions to ask and how to ask them that gets you results—in the form of better information, enhanced career prospects, and more competitive organizations.

Written by a seasoned business reporter and manager, this provocative "questioning manifesto" and practical "how-to" book gives people the insights and tools to ask effective questions that get results in every realm of their professional lives. It is also a powerful tool that will help business leaders create a progressive environment where questions flow freely and creatively—boosting knowledge and performance at all levels of the organization.

Best yet, the book supplies hundreds of carefully crafted questions that readers can use to find the right job, negotiate salary and benefits, inspire creativity within a group, make a better presentation, get a promotion, and much more.

When people master the art of asking smart, meaningful questions, they not only make an excellent impression, they also improve their performance. In the words of the author: "Your success depends on what questions you ask. Workers of the world, question!"

About the Author

Andrew Finlayson (Lafayette, CA) is the news director for KTVU Channel Two in the San Francisco Bay area.

In this Book

  • The Essential Skill
  • Why We Don’t Ask Questions
  • The Questioning Culture
  • Learning a Skill
  • Raising Your I.Q.Q.
  • Questions That Work When—Looking for a Job
  • Questions That Work When—Taking on a New Job or Career Change
  • Questions That Work When—Selling and Negotiating
  • Questions That Work When—Creativity and New Thinking Are Needed
  • Questions That Work When—Meeting and Planning
  • Questions That Work When—Hiring and Managing
  • Questions That Work When—Managing Your Career
  • Questions That Work When—Dealing with a Problem
  • Questions That Work When—You Are Fired or Laid Off
  • Questions That Work When—You Are Put on the Spot
  • Questions That Work When—Starting Your Own Business
  • Questions That Work When—You Are Educating Yourself
  • Questions That Work When—Leading the Way
  • Conclusion