Rapid Growth, Done Right: Lead, Influence and Innovate for Success

  • 3h 49m
  • Val Wright
  • Kogan Page
  • 2020

Companies that rapidly grow have one thing in common: their leaders create symbiotic relationships between technical, creative and business minds. Innovation and leadership consultant, Val Wright, provides the tools needed to nurture and harness these connections, the right way.

An inspirational CEO who influences and innovates successfully will become the pivotal power in any business by orchestrating an organization that helps everyone dream big while staying grounded and rapidly putting ideas into action.

Using examples from a number of leading corporations to provide advice to existing and aspiring CEOs, and featuring interviews with C-suite executives at some of the world's most innovative businesses, Rapid Growth, Done Right is an essential guide to creating products and services that customers will love while delivering consistent growth.

About the Author

Val Wright is a US based innovation and leadership consultant working with clients including Starbucks, LinkedIn, Microsoft, the Financial Times and the LA Lakers. She is a regular contributor to CNBC Inc, Fox Business News, Business Insider, Fast Company, MSN, Reuters, the LA Times.

In this Book

  • Evaluating Your Personal Power to Innovate
  • Rapidly Putting People in the Right Job for Rapid Growth
  • Translating So You Can Speak Creative, Technical and Business Language Fluently
  • Building an Innovative Company
  • How to Influence and Communicate with Anyone
  • How to Speed up Decision-Making
  • How to Increase the Quantity and Quality of Ideas
  • How to Work with a Genius
  • The Crucial Role of the CEO for Rapid Growth
  • Rapid Growth Done Wrong—What You Can Learn from Getting Fired
  • How to Track and Accelerate Your Success
  • Pro Tips for Fast Implementation