Regulating Securitized Products: A Post Crisis Guide

  • 5h 45m
  • Rasheed Saleuddin
  • Palgrave Macmillan Ltd
  • 2015

Securitization regulation remains, in the eyes of investors, banks, businesses, bureaucrats and politicians, one of the remaining unsolved puzzles of the post-Global Financial Crisis landscape.

This book describes the key features of securitization, including the most common structures and their uses as well as the motivations of the participants in these markets. Important historical moments and case studies are frequently used to illustrate critical issues in the design and enforcement of regulation for securitized products. This work is intended to contextualize and contribute to the highly specialized debates between policymakers, regulators and the regulated financial intermediaries, setting out an agenda for discussion as well as providing some strongly held views on possible solutions.

Written by an industry insider with over 20 years' experience in the markets, this book considers regulatory tools from all sides while avoiding common biases. It is a valuable source for not only regulators and policymakers, but also educators, students and researchers in financial regulation, financial engineering and investment management.

About the Author

Rasheed Saleuddin is a portfolio manager at West Face Capital, one of Canada's largest hedge funds, specializing in investing in global securitized products. He is currently pursuing a PhD in financial history at Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge, focusing on regulation during the Great Depression, and has also obtained a masters in regulation research from the London School of Economics, and a masters in economic history from Cambridge. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst© designation.

In this Book

  • List of Abbreviations
  • Introduction—Securitization as Villain and Savior
  • Securitization Markets and Mechanisms
  • Securitization, the Global Financial Crisis, and the New Regulatory World
  • What is Regulation, and What it Can and Can't Do – In Theory and Practice
  • Issues Involved in Regulating Securitization in the Public Interest
  • Toward a Better Regulatory System and Risk Transfer to Real Money Investors
  • Notes
  • Bibliography