Remote Work: Redesign Processes, Practices and Strategies to Engage a Remote Workforce

  • 5h 16m
  • Chris Dyer, Kim Shepherd
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

How can I develop a team if they're not in the same place? How can I build a company culture that works for employees in an office, working at home and in co-work spaces? How can I maintain organizational oversight if I can't see my employees? Remote Work answers all these questions and more and provides guidance on how to build a successful remote working strategy that engages employees, allows them to perform to their full potential and improves business performance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put remote work into the business norm, but demand from employees to work remotely was already increasing, with a 2019 report stating that 34% of people surveyed would even take a pay cut if they could work remotely part of the time. HR professionals and business leaders need to address this demand to attract and retain the talent the business needs. Remote Work is written by two industry experts who have successfully transitioned their workforces to remote models. It provides essential guidance on how to implement policies, processes and strategies for remote working, including meeting types, measuring performance and creating virtual 'water cooler' environments.

Featuring advice on technological solutions to adapting processes and driving engagement, this book also outlines the business benefits of a remote workforce including improved productivity and output and how it allows for faster expansion and execution. With insights from leading experts such as Marshall Goldsmith and case studies from Cornerstone OnDemand, Buffer and United States Marine Corps, Remote Work is essential reading now that increased home and flexible working is here to stay.

About the Author

Chris Dyer is founder and CEO of PeopleG2, a fully remote organization which has been listed as one of Inc.'s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies five times and routinely ranked one of the best places to work. As an international keynote speaker on leadership (ranked #1 by Forbes), Dyer inspires audiences with innovative perspectives to improve company culture and empower organizations to succeed. He was listed as one of the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders in 2021.

A company culture and remote work expert and consultant, Dyer has helped countless companies implement strategies to unlock productivity, performance and profits. He has contributed to conversations on leadership for outlets including the BBC, NBC, Telegraph, The Sun, INC, and Forbes, is author of the bestselling book The Power of Company Culture, and co-author of Remote Work.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Go Home and Work
  • Coming to Terms
  • Spoiler Alert – CEOs Beware
  • Scrumming Swiss Cheese
  • Who is in Your Orchestra Pit?
  • Why Not Remote?
  • A Collision of Intelligence and Creativity
  • Top-Down Leadership—Why Remote is Best for Leaders
  • Company Health—Why Remote is Best for the Company
  • People Health—Why Remote is Best for Your People
  • Who Can Work from Home
  • Who Can Lead from Home
  • Who are You as a Company?
  • Getting Started
  • Meetings and Measurement
  • People, Processes, Tools, Technology… and Momentum
  • Profit and People
  • Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself
  • Story Time
  • Paying it Forward


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