Roguelike Development with JavaScript: Build and Publish Roguelike Genre Games with JavaScript and Phaser

  • 3h 29m
  • Andre Alves Garzia
  • Apress
  • 2020

Go on an adventure and build a roguelike from scratch using JavaScript. With the help of the battle-tested Phaser library, you’ll go through all the steps to build a small, fun, playable web roguelite game. The author will guide you on how to add further features to the game such as populating the game with enemies, adding treasures, and so on. You will acquire technical knowledge about procedural generation and tile-based mapping as well as learn game design skills such as what makes dungeons fun and how to evoke an emotion in your game.

Roguelikes are very popular with indie developers because of their focus on gameplay over graphics. You’ll see why they appeal to game designers on a budget and discover that they serve as a good platform to experiment with novel ideas and designs. Along the way, you’ll cover the increasingly popular roguelite genre that provides a hyper casual form of the genre that is approachable and often mobile.

After reading this book, you’ll be ready to create your own roguelikes, to dive deep into procedural generation, and also to bring some of the techniques shown here into other genres and game projects.

What You Will Learn

  • Make use of procedural generation for dungeons, mazes, monsters, and treasure
  • Pick up skills to use Phaser to build games Implement turn-based mechanics Use tile-based graphics

Who This Book Is For

Game developers who want to build something fun and who have at least some prior JavaScript programming experience.

About the Author

Andre Alves Garzia is a developer who loves web and game development. In recent years, he has published books about building games for Firefox OS and managed a web literacy program in vulnerable neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro. He is a firm believer in empowerment through technological experimentation and thinks game development should be on everyone’s bucket list. He lives in London and wonders if the UK procedural generator is biased toward raining.

In this Book

  • Before We Begin
  • Introduction to Phaser
  • Dungeoning
  • Enemies and Permadeath
  • Treasures and Equipment
  • Character Classes
  • Procedurally Generated Monsters and Items
  • Procedurally Generated Dungeons
  • Finished Game