Savvy: Dealing with People, Power and Politics at Work

  • 3h 38m
  • Jane Clarke
  • Kogan Page
  • 2012

Office politics increases in times of change, particularly when people are fearful - and rising unemployment, austerity measures and global financial uncertainty hardly make for a stable, positive work environment. Changes in the way in which people work also inflame the situation. Technology enables people to communicate, instantaneously, with large numbers of people all over the world, resulting in an exponential increase in the scope for error.

Jane Clarke defines 'savvy' as the ability to deal effectively with politics at work, and its value as a commodity is increasing. Research carried out by executive search firms has long identified political savvy as a critical skill for those who want to progress up the career ladder. Clarke dissects the art of office politics by establishing what constitutes political savvy and who are the effective office politicians.

Practical and insightful, Savvy covers the skills needed to deal with difficult situations, including: the art of influence; how to understand and handle conflict; developing the right mindset; managing the boss; dealing with a bully.

Clarke offers a positive, but realistic, handbook for people who want a better understanding of office politics and how to make things happen. With case studies and examples, Savvy is for readers who want to learn how to successfully negotiate power dynamics at work without compromising their values or integrity.

About the Author

Jane Clarke is an author and director at the business psychology consulting company, Nicholson McBride. She has worked in consulting for over 20 years and her clients include London Business School, UBS and J Walter Thompson. She contributes to national newspapers, appears on TV and radio business media, and has written for the Financial Times, the Guardian and the Independent, a British daily. Clarke is also the author of Office Politics, Wired Working, and Resilience.

In this Book

  • What is Savvy?
  • Adopting a Positive, Proactive Approach
  • Who is Savvy?
  • Dealing with the Office Politicians
  • Dealing with Political Problems at Work
  • Mastering the Art of Influence and Persuasion
  • Understanding and Handling Conflict
  • Dealing with Relationship Breakdown
  • Managing Your Boss
  • Dealing with a Bully
  • Making Networks Work for You
  • Making the Right Impression
  • Summary