Say More About That ...: And Other Ways to Speak Up, Push Back, and Advocate for Yourself and Others

  • 4h 2m
  • Amber Cabral
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2022

Concrete strategies to call out wrongdoing at home, at work, at school, and elsewhere

In Say More About That, veteran inclusion strategist, coach, writer, and speaker Amber Cabral delivers an incisive and practical guide to assertively addressing inequitable treatment you see at home, work, school, and other settings. The book offers a complete communications toolkit for equity advocacy you can deploy on your own behalf and on behalf of others.

You’ll get the tactics, context, and tools that make being brave and speaking up a lot easier. You’ll also find:

  • A thorough discussion of the fundamentals of inclusion and equity, including concepts of advocacy and allyship, privilege, and identity
  • An examination of the social landscape that makes speaking up so daunting
  • Explorations of the most effective language and tactics you can use when you make a stand for yourself or others

The perfect resource for underrepresented professionals, allies, advocates, and people seeking to make a positive difference in the world, Say More About That is the assertiveness manual you need if you’ve been meaning to speak up but are worried about being drowned out.

About the Author

AMBER CABRAL is an inclusion strategist, certified coach, writer, and speaker who has been featured on television and in print and digital media. Formerly a Diversity Strategist at Walmart Stores, Inc., she is founder of Cabral Co., a diversity, equity, and inclusive leadership-focused consulting firm. She hosts the You Can Have Whatever You Want ® podcast and regularly speaks and writes about inclusion, culture, equity, and social justice topics.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Identity
  • Inclusion
  • Bias
  • Feedback
  • Privilege
  • Allyship and Advocacy
  • Equity
  • Overcoming the Most Common Obstacles
  • Why is Pushing Back So Hard?
  • Critical Communication Tools
  • Performative Allyship and Advocacy
  • Pushing Back and Speaking up – a Pep Talk
  • A Short Lesson on Boundaries and Staying Focused on the Goal
  • Avoid People‐Pleasing and Resentment
  • Dealing with Professional Gaslighting
  • Saying No While Still Protecting Your Reputation
  • Intimidation—But What If They Know More than I Do?
  • Power Imbalance—What If I Am Not the One with the Power?
  • Microaggressions—What If I Am Encountering a Microaggression?
  • Disrespected—What If Someone is Blatantly Mistreating Me or Crossing a Line?
  • Underrepresented—What If I Am the Only One?
  • Dismissed—What If I Am Not Feeling Heard?
  • Medical Advocacy—When Feeling Intimidated, Dismissed, and Powerless Combine
  • Interrupted—What If I Keep Getting Talked Over?
  • Framework—How to Speak up and Advocate for Yourself and Others
  • It's a Conversation, Not a Confrontation
  • Keeping the Temperature down in Tough Discussions
  • Any Questions?
  • Be Good to Yourself