Selling Skills for Complete Amateurs

  • 2h 15m
  • Bob Etherington
  • Marshall Cavendish
  • 2008

Nearly everyone within a company is involved in selling at one level or another. Yet, the majority of those people are not professional frontline salespeople – they have never received any training in selling or in dealing with customers. As a result, opportunities are missed and, worst, you may even have wrecked the relationship with the customer for the long term.

Selling Skills for Complete Amateurs presents a set of basic skills for selling, aimed exclusively at those people who have never been trained in the art of selling. Based on the successful courses which the author has been running for over ten years for beginners in sales, this book is intended to enable anyone to make a sound contribution to the overall sales process.

10 reasons you must buy this book and stop wrecking sales efforts in your organisation!

1. Amateurs make 10 fatal selling statements that instantly turn customers off.

2. You can cut objections to your sales pitch by up to 90% (and deal easily with the remaining few) using a proven method.

3. A truly persuasive sales letter doesn’t look anything like the attempts that amateurs make.

4. No validated research supports the business folklore that sales objections are “buying signals in disguise” – in fact they have the opposite effect!

5. Unconscious emotional need – that’s what you need to generate when your customer is at the point of making a buying decision.

6. There are two key human attributes which you can use to encourage customers to persuade themselves for you.

7. “Telling isn’t selling” – what can you do to make a massive change in the outcome of your next meeting with a customer?

8. Prolonging the investigative phase of your sale increases customer desire for the solution your product provides.

9. You don’t want to be marooned in “great-presentation-we’ll-call-you-soon” limbo.

10. Wake up to the real cause of the commonest objection of all – “You’re too expensive” – and discover what you can do to stop it immediately.

In this Book

  • Who Sold you this then?
  • Never Make a Statement When you Could Ask a Question
  • Stop Selling: Start Asking "SWOT"
  • Features, Advantages and Benefits
  • I Object! (Objection Overruled!)
  • How to Sell in the Worst of Times
  • Getting your Contract Signed
  • The Ubiquitous Sales Letter