Shopper Marketing: How to Increase Purchase Decisions at the Point of Sale, Second Edition

  • 4h 34m
  • Markus Stahlberg, Ville Maila (eds)
  • Kogan Page
  • 2012

Shopper Marketing explores the subject of shopper marketing, which takes places in the store, aiming to turn shoppers into buyers, at the point of purchase. The goal of shopper marketing is to influence purchase decisions when the shopper is close to the product in the store. Shopper marketing is a relatively new area of marketing, but the financial investments being made in the area are increasing each year. According to surveys, shopper marketing is growing even faster than internet advertising - doubling since 2004 and on track for an annual growth rate of 21% by 2010.

Research has indicated that:

  • At least 70% of brand choices are made in the store
  • 68% of purchase decisions are not planned in advance
  • Only 5% of shoppers are loyal to one brand of the product group

These results show that there is plenty of opportunity to influence and change shoppers' decisions at the time when they are actually doing the shopping - and this new title will show you exactly how to do this. Providing practical advice about shopper needs; retail environments; shopper trends; shopper marketing strategies; retailing relationships; effective packaging and much more, this book is a must-have for all sales and retail practitioners and students of marketing and sales.

About the Editors

Markus Stahlberg and Ville Maila are the CEO and Planning Director, respectively, of Phenomena Group Ltd, the first shopper marketing company in Europe.

In this Book

  • Science of Shopping
  • Point of View on Shopper Marketing
  • Shopper Marketing the Discipline, the Approach
  • Seven Steps Towards Effective Shopper Marketing
  • Bringing Shopper into Category Management
  • Science of Shopping
  • Illogic Inside the Mind of the Shopper
  • For Shoppers there's no Place Like Home
  • The Three Shopping Currencies
  • The Shopping Motives of Chinese Shoppers
  • Connecting, Engaging and Exciting Shoppers
  • Tailing your Shoppers Retailing for the Future
  • Retail Media a Catalyst for Shopper Marketing
  • Integrated Communications Planning for Shopper Marketing
  • The Conversion Model for Shopper Research
  • Internationalization of Shopper Marketing
  • Ensuring your Brand gets on the Shopping List
  • Bridging Gaps Retail in the Emerging Indian Market
  • The Missing Link Turning Shopper Insight into Practice
  • Capitalize on Unrealized Demand among Shoppers
  • Shopper Promotions what can Marketers Learn From Price Discounts?
  • Marketing as a Crucial Part of Retailer Partnership
  • Touching the Elephant
  • Future Shock
  • Shopper Marketing's True Potential
  • Putting the Shopper in your Shopper Marketing Strategy
  • Improving Shopper Marketing Profitability with Innovative Promotions
  • The Circle of Shopper Marketing Mechanization
  • Nestlé Rossiya, Russia
  • Connected Shoppers are here, now - but how do you Connect with Them?
  • Tesco Fresh & Easy, USA
  • Shopper-Oriented Pricing Strategies
  • Packaging can be your Best Investment
  • The Real Power of Brands in the Digital World what Marketers must know about the Online Shopping Decision Process
  • 'Too Many Choices' - and their Implications for Package Design
  • Maximizing ROI of Package Promotions