Six Sigma for Everyone

  • 1h 44m
  • George Eckes
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2003

From noted Six Sigma consultant and author George Eckes comes Six Sigma for Everyone, a practical guide that explains the underpinnings of the revolutionary quality assurance methodology. Appropriate for employees and top management alike, this book is the only one you need if your company is currently implementing or contemplating Six Sigma. It tells you what Six Sigma is and is not, what it does and how it does it, and what your role likely will be in the implementation process. Eckes uses straightforward definitions and in-depth examples to outline the processes, impact, and desired end result of implementation—eliminating the confusion and fear many feel when first introduced to Six Sigma. If you need to understand the basics, then this is the book for you. Topics include:

  • The origins and history of Six Sigma
  • Business Process Management: Six Sigma as management philosophy
  • Individual and team tactics
  • The ten basic tools each team member needs to succeed
  • How you and your organization must change to make Six Sigma work

About the Author

George Eckes is founder, President, and CEO of Eckes & Associates, Inc., a Colorado-based consulting group specializing in results-driven continuous improvement, Six Sigma training and implementation, organizational development, and change management. EAI’s recent clients include JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Cisco, and General Electric, among others. Eckes is also the author of The Six Sigma Revolution, Making Six Sigma Last, and Six Sigma Team Dynamics, all from Wiley.

In this Book

  • Why Has My Company Adopted Six Sigma?: What Can Six Sigma do for You?
  • The Strategic Component of Six Sigma
  • The Tactics of Six Sigma: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
  • 10 Technical Tools to Master While on a Six Sigma Team
  • 10 "Soft" Tools You Will Need on a Six Sigma Team
  • 10 Common Questions About Six Sigma


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