So, You Bought a Franchise. Now What?

  • 2h 33m
  • Dave Roemer
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2022

“This is a must read for anyone contemplating entry into the franchise arena. The tools and insights shared will prove invaluable in elevating the skills required for success. A superb read, both informational and transformational.–Bob Gershberg, CEO/Managing Partner, Wray Executive Search

Are you a franchisee or small business owner? If so, you need this book.

Are you are looking for practical advice and tools to help you achieve more success? If so, you need this book.

Included are stories and advice from franchisees and operators who have built successful franchise businesses as well as business experts. Their contributions add to the practical nature of the information.

In these pages you will learn how to:

  • Achieve your goals
  • Build a great team
  • Have happier customers
  • Make a lot more money
  • Build a business with incredible value
  • And much more

About the Author

Dave Roemer has more than 30 years in the franchise industry as a franchisor and a franchisee. His people based approach to success is applicable across all industries. Roemer has worked with hundreds of franchisees and small business owners to gain more success and achieve their dreams of creating a valuable business. Dave is available to speak to franchise groups at regional and national meetings as well as to students in entrepreneurship programs and groups of small business owners of all kinds.

In this Book

  • Testimonials
  • Introduction
  • What Is Your Purpose?
  • Setting Goals
  • Building a Great Team
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Local Marketing
  • Making Money—Know Your Numbers
  • Building a Relationship With Your Franchisor
  • Growth Through Expansion
  • Creating Business Value—Having an Exit Plan