Social Media Marketing in a Week: Create Your Successful Social Media Strategy in Just Seven Days

  • 1h 37m
  • Nick Smith
  • Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
  • 2016

Social Media Marketing In A Week is a simple and straightforward guide to mastering the basics, giving you everything you need to know in just seven short chapters. From making the right first impression and having a unified message and strategy, to knowing where your audience is, engaging them and managing your reputation, you'll discover how to build a relationship with your customers on sites like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Pinterest, without selling to them.

In this Book

  • Sunday—Introduction to Social Media
  • Monday—Successful Case Studies
  • Tuesday—Getting Started with Social Media Marketing
  • Wednesday—Phase One of Your Social Media Takeover
  • Thursday—Phase Two of Your Social Media Takeover
  • Friday—Phase Three—Quality Content Creation
  • Saturday—Managing, Metrics and Scaling Up