Sparking Success: Why Every Leader Needs to Develop a Creative Mindset

  • 3h 32m
  • Adam Kingl
  • Kogan Page
  • 2023

Discover the spark of innovation that will transform your leadership through Sparking Success.

Studies show that 80% of us are increasingly pressured to be productive rather than creative at work. Sparking Success uncovers the importance of creativity as a tool for innovation and demonstrates how it can be a driving factor for success. In order to adapt to fast-moving trends and disruptions in the modern business landscape, you need to spark your creative outlook.

In this book, Adam Kingl profiles the business leaders who are redefining themselves as creative pioneers. From media powerhouses such as Pixar and Disney to major manufacturers such as Bosch and Panasonic, this book shows the universal importance of creativity for business leaders across the world. Each of the chapters poses a challenge or opportunity that will help you tap into an innovative mindset, before offering fascinating insights from leaders across the creative industries. Discover how you can become a dynamic, creative and empathetic leader by Sparking Success.

About the Author

Adam Kingl is a speaker, educator, adviser and author who specializes in the areas of leadership creativity, innovation and adaptability. He is an adjunct faculty member at the UCL School of Management and at Hult Ashridge Business School, and is an instructor at Imperial College London, Sauder Business School, the Irish Management Institute at University College Cork, and at Headspring Executive Development.

Adam Kingl is also an Associate of the Moller Leadership Institute at Churchill College, University of Cambridge and has also featured in publications such as the Financial Times, Sunday Times, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, The Guardian, and City AM. Adam Kingl is based in London, UK.

In this Book

  • A New Renaissance—The Case for Bringing Creative and Corporate Closer Together
  • How are We Creative?—The Realm of Neuroscience
  • Nurturing Spontaneity—The Realm of Jazz and Improvisation
  • Opening the Door to Inspiration—The Realm of Writing
  • Managing Risk and Leading Adaptability—The Realm of Performing Arts
  • Layered Leadership—The Realm of Imagineering
  • Combining and Inspiring Ideas—The Realm of Culinary Arts
  • Picture Perfect—The Realm of Art and Imagery
  • Lighting the Fire—Leading Creativity