Step-by-Step Programming with Base SAS 9.4

  • 11h 15m
  • SAS Institute
  • SAS Institute
  • 2013

Provides conceptual information about the SAS programming language, as well as step-by-step examples that illustrate the concepts.

In this Book

  • About This Book
  • What's New in Step-by-Step Programming with Base SAS 9.4
  • Accessibility Features of Step-by-Step Programming with Base SAS 9.4
  • What is the SAS System?
  • Working with Output Defaults
  • Introduction to DATA Step Processing
  • Starting with Raw Data—The Basics
  • Starting with Raw Data—Beyond the Basics
  • Starting with SAS Data Sets
  • Understanding DATA Step Processing
  • Working with Numeric Variables
  • Working with Character Variables
  • Acting on Selected Observations
  • Creating Subsets of Observations
  • Working with Grouped or Sorted Observations
  • Using More than One Observation in a Calculation
  • Finding Shortcuts in Programming
  • Working with Dates in the SAS System
  • Methods of Combining SAS Data Sets
  • Concatenating SAS Data Sets
  • Interleaving SAS Data Sets
  • Merging SAS Data Sets
  • Updating SAS Data Sets
  • Modifying SAS Data Sets
  • Conditionally Processing Observations from Multiple SAS Data Sets
  • Analyzing Your SAS Session with the SAS Log
  • Directing SAS Output and the SAS Log
  • Diagnosing and Avoiding Errors
  • Finding Logic Errors in Your Program
  • Producing Detail Reports with the PRINT Procedure
  • Creating Summary Tables with the TABULATE Procedure
  • Creating Detail and Summary Reports with the REPORT Procedure
  • Plotting the Relationship between Variables
  • Producing Charts to Summarize Variables
  • Writing Lines to the SAS Log or to an Output File
  • Understanding and Customizing SAS Output—The Basics
  • Understanding and Customizing SAS Output—The Output Delivery System (ODS)
  • Understanding SAS Libraries
  • Managing SAS Libraries
  • Getting Information about Your SAS Data Sets
  • Modifying SAS Data Set Names and Variable Attributes
  • Copying, Moving, and Deleting SAS Data Sets
  • Introducing the SAS Environment
  • Using the SAS Windowing Environment
  • Customizing the SAS Environment
  • Glossary