Database Core Concepts: Beginner

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Information is as valuable as gold, but before you master DB administration, you need to understand the ins and outs. Explore the basics of DBs.


SQL Concepts & Queries

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    Introduction to the Database Concept
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    The Relation of Data and the Various Databases
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SQL Concepts & Queries
Master SQL concepts. Learning the core fundamentals creates a foundation. Discover relational databases and Structured Query Language (SQL) database concepts.
7 videos | 1h 3m
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SQL Tables
Master SQL tables. Take your first steps in learning about relational databases and Structured Query Language (SQL) tables. Discover how to manage tables, and queries, including complex tables, changing tables, and deleting tables.
9 videos | 1h 4m
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SQL Selecting, Ordering, & Filtering
Manipulating databases is a necessary skill. Explore Structured Query Language (SQL) and dive into the architecture. Discover efficient and easily manageable databases using features like SELECT, data types, UPDATE, and ORDER BY.
9 videos | 58m
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Table Design: Tables, Columns, & Numbers
Fundamentals create foundation. Get a clear picture of what SQL is all about. Discover table functions including ALTER and CREATE, as well as column functions and math operators.
13 videos | 1h 19m
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Table Design: Functions & Strings
Master the core functions of SQL strings. Strings are a key component to any database, and you can work magic using fundamental SQL commands. Explore string functions like LENGTH, REVERSE, and TRIM, as well as how to put them together.
8 videos | 41m
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Multiple SQL Tables
Work with multiple tables. Mastering the fundamentals of SQL creates a foundation. Explore multi-table database architecture and design, connecting several tables, using inner/outer joins, and equijoins and non-equijoins.
12 videos | 1h 23m
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Advanced SQL Queries
Master advanced queries. Queries in SQL allow you to manipulate databases like a pro. Discover advanced techniques including subqueries, correlated queries, difficult queries, and learn query tips for better efficiency.
13 videos | 1h 28m
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SQL Views
Discover SQL views. Explore SQL views in detail, defining various views and their management, from creating views to view types, updating, and dropping views.
5 videos | 40m
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SQL Transactions
Master SQL transactions. Explore transactions and how to group statements, Transact-SQL, and transaction logs.
8 videos | 1h 4m
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SQL Transaction Locks
Master SQL transaction locks. Explore transaction locks and explore the different levels of locking.
5 videos | 42m
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SQL Security Architecture
Mastering security is crucial. Explore one of the most important aspects of SQL security. Discover the lock system, levels of security access and management, privileges and rights, and the setup and installation of security architecture.
7 videos | 54m
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Architecture Concepts
A database is used by organizations to store their data and to allow their employees to access, update, and manage it. Learn about databases, including types, users, characteristics, architectures, and database models.
11 videos | 1h 19m
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Normalization Concepts
Organizations use a Database Management System to manipulate, organize and retrieve data. Learn about these systems, their components, and Dr. Edgar Codd's rules for a database to be considered relational.
13 videos | 1h 29m
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