Strategic Communication at Work: The Impact Paradigm

  • 2h 1m
  • Diane Lennard
  • Taylor and Francis
  • 2018

Strategic Communication at Work provides the reader with a practical approach to engaging in all types of communication—one on one, small groups, and large groups—to achieve intended results. The framework presented enables readers to make informed decisions that increase the effectiveness of their communication and enhance their credibility.

Lennard presents the IMPACT Paradigm—Intending, Messaging, Presence, Attending, Connecting, and Together—in the first part of the book explaining the benefits of using a single framework for all strategic communication. The second part illustrates how to apply these principles and approach interactions with a purposeful mindset, express ideas congruently, and connect with others. The third part offers curated exercises for practicing communication skills, along with specific ways to integrate the paradigm into everyday communication interactions.

The text’s clear and practical approach will appeal to graduate students of business communication, as well as instructors and professionals interested in improving their communication skills."

About the Author

Diane Lennard, PhD, is a Professor of Management Communication at Stern School of Business, New York University, USA. She is also the founder of Lennard & Company, an international coaching and consulting firm specializing in experiential learning programs for business executives, educators, consultants, and other professionals.

In this Book

  • The Impact Paradigm—What It Is
  • The Impact Paradigm—Why It Works
  • Communication Situations
  • Common Concerns Of Communicators
  • Impact Exercises
  • Communicate With Impact