Strategic Engagement: Practical Tools to Raise Morale and Increase Results, Volume II: System-Wide Activities

  • 2h 3m
  • Chris Crosby
  • Business Expert Press
  • 2019

Gallup's State of the American Workplace showed that workplaces that are actively engaged outperform workplaces that are disengaged in every measure. Crosby's two-volume set contains eight activities that create an engaged workplace and improve results.

Volume Two, System-wide Activities, starts with a chapter on implementation competency, then follows with chapters on group-to-group conflict, goal alignment, process improvement, and project planning. Finally, the appendices contain the materials required for each activity.

About the Author

Chris is an international consultant who helps organizations succeed by aligning people to measurable goals.

His unique strategic engagement methods help leaders connect their whole organization to overcome obstacles previously thought unattainable.

While internal, Chris helped multiple Alcoa locations meet or exceed their business metrics. Now he supports leaders in diverse industries clarify challenges and implement. He has held adjunct positions and has extensive international experience.

His work at Alcoa CSI led to a multitude of successful projects including R&D and a global ERP implementation. He continues to guide organizations through culture change with a business metric focus that gets record results by utilizing a variety of models, methods and strategies.

Chris is grounded in applied behavioral science with an eye towards emotional intelligence (EQ). He produces unique leadership programs and trains internal OD departments in the tools needed to transform organizations.

In this Book

  • Implementation Competency
  • Group-to-Group Conflict
  • Goal Alignment
  • Process Improvement
  • Major Project or Initiative
  • Software Basics