Stronger Through Adversity: World-Class Leaders Share Pandemic-Tested Lessons on Thriving During the Toughest Challenges

  • 4h 36m
  • Joseph A. Michelli
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2021

From business guru Joseph Michelli―the leadership lessons needed to thrive beyond the greatest business crisis in modern history

COVID-19 has disrupted business and life in ways we never imagined. Within days of the outbreak, Joseph Michelli—the world-renowned business expert who has cracked the leadership codes of Starbucks, Airbnb, Mercedes-Benz USA, and many other top companies—went to work. He contacted 140+ senior leaders at major companies about their specific challenges and how they were meeting them—getting raw yet thoughtful real-time insights into a crisis that will define an entire generation of leaders.

The result is Stronger Through Adversity. In this business guide for our times, Michelli distills best leadership practices that can be used in any company, in any industry. Organized into four main themes—Set the Foundation, Build Connections, Move with Purpose, and Harness Change—Stronger Through Adversity provides a deep dive into the methods, tactics, and approaches leaders have used to keep their company afloat and to position it for success long after the pandemic.

You’ll get invaluable insights into crisis management, keeping employees and customers safe, maintaining a culture of engagement, and rapidly innovating. Applying powerful leadership methods used by Microsoft, Starbucks, Google, DHL, Target, Verizon, Kohl’s, Marriott, and many others, you’ll seize and hold the competitive edge in your industry.

Whether you run a Fortune 500 company, own a small business, or manage a department or team—this is your moment. Stronger Through Adversity delivers everything you need to prosper—to lead your people to an unprecedented recovery, to weather the toughest challenges your business faces from the pandemic and beyond, and to thrive in all storms, large and small.

About the Author

Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D., C.S.P., is an internationally sought-after speaker, author, and organizational consultant who shares his knowledge of exceptional business practices in ways that help companies develop joyful and productive workplaces, with a focus on the total customer experience. His insights encourage leaders and frontline workers to grow and invest passionately in all aspects of their lives.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Leadership Forged Through Adversity
  • Put Your Mask on First
  • Leave the Island, Follow the Terrain
  • Practice Employee Obsession
  • Set Safety Supreme
  • Listen beyond the Words
  • Seek Carefully and Speak Truthfully
  • Choose Words Wisely
  • Bring Yourself to Work
  • Act Your Culture
  • Be a Value Leader
  • Convey Compassion
  • Shift Front, Middle, Back
  • Streamline Productivity
  • Pivot with Urgency
  • Decide with Moral Courage
  • Foster Collaboration
  • Reenergize with Gratitude
  • Make it Personal
  • Run toward the Future
  • Engineer Legacy
  • Continuing the Conversation
  • Notes
  • Airbnb’s Magical End-to-End Journey


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