Supervision in Coaching: Supervision, Ethics and Continuous Professional Development

  • 6h 4m
  • Jonathan Passmore (ed)
  • Kogan Page
  • 2011

As professional coaching grows so does the need for a more formulated approach to regulation, ethics and individual development. In order for coaches to develop their skills and knowledge they need to make continual professional development and supervision a core aspect of their practice. Supervision in Coaching examines how coaches can use a range of professional development tools to improve and develop their coaching.

Written by a team of well-known, international coaching practitioners, it provides guidance on a range of topics including: managing ethical dilemmas, the role of regulation and licensing in coaching and the development of accreditation and professional standards.

About the Editor

Jonathan Passmore is an occupational psychologist, an accredited AC coach, a coaching supervisor, and fellow of the CIPD. He has wide business consulting experience, having worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM Business Consulting and OPM, and as a chief executive and company chairman in the sports leisure sector. He is based at the School of Psychology, University of East London, and is Director for the Coaching and Coaching Psychology programs. He is the author of several books and editor of Excellence in Coaching and Psychometrics in Coaching.

In this Book

  • Supervision and Continuous Professional Development in Coaching
  • The Reflective Coaching Practitioner Model
  • Action Learning Supervision for Coaches
  • The Gestalt Supervision Model
  • Self-Supervision Using a Peer Group Model
  • Narrative Supervision – the Experiential Field and the 'Imaginal'
  • Non-Directive Supervision of Coaching
  • Presence In Coaching Supervision
  • Ethical Frameworks in Coaching
  • Coaching Ethics – Developing a Model to Enhance Coaching Practice
  • Legal Considerations in Coaching
  • Continuous Professional Development for Coaches
  • Creative Approaches to Continuous Development
  • Undertaking and Reviewing Coaching Research as CPD
  • Coaches' Use of Reflective Journals for Learning
  • Building Emotional, Ethical and Cognitive Capacity in Coaches: a Developmental Model of Supervision
  • Using Case Studies for Reflective Practice