Supply Chain Sustainability: Modeling and Innovative Research Frameworks

  • 3h 35m
  • Mangey Ram, Sachin Kumar Mangla
  • De Gruyter Inc
  • 2021

Supply chains are significant in improving business efficiency. Sustainable supply chains help industries enhance their ecological, monetary, and social performance. Innovative research frameworks as well as the modelling of sustainability issues are significant to different stakeholder’s perspectives. This book guides researchers and practitioners through developing effective sustainable supply chains to meet UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About the Author

Sachin Kumar Mangla, Plymouth, United Kingdom. Mangey Ram, Dehradun, India.

In this Book

  • Fuzzy Inference System in Sustainable Supplier
  • Green and Sustainable Freight Logistics for Improving Supply Chain Sustainability: A Bibliometric Analysis
  • Sustainability in Urban Expansion of a Metropolitan City: Impacts of Urban Growth Towards the Outer Fringe of Kolkata
  • Assessment of Logistics Performance in Sustainable Supply Chain: Case from Emerging Economy
  • Service Designing Through Fuzzy Kano Analysis in Heritage Tourism
  • Developing a Framework to Provide Technological Solutions for Implementing Green Supply Chain
  • Demand Side of the Sustainable Supply Chain (Consumers Sustainable Practices): A Conceptual Review
  • Can Sustainability Marketing Be Implemented as a Differentiation Strategy?: A Case Study on Marinas in the Aegean Region of Turkey
  • Agricultural/Biomass Waste Management Through “Green Supply Chain Way”: Indian “Brickfield” Perspective
  • Management of Quality in Perishable Food Supply Chain By Using Internet of Things (IOT): A Novel Approach