Sustainable Development: Knowledge and Education About Standardisation

  • 4h 46m
  • Donggeun Choi, Henk J. de Vries, Ivana Mijatovic, Samuel O. Idowu
  • Springer
  • 2019

This book examines education about standardization in the context of sustainable management. It shows the role of standardization education in the global economy, and in markets, industries and businesses. The book presents knowledge on standardization for sustainable management, describes measures that can be taken to stimulate it, and highlights strategies for teaching and disseminating the concept. Subsequently presenting a number of best practices and case studies, the book seeks to align theory and practice. For researchers, this is the first academic publication that interconnects the concepts of sustainability, standardization and education. For professionals in the area of sustainability it shows that standardization is an essential instrument for enhancing sustainability for which proper education is needed. For standardization professionals the book reveals the links to sustainability and it shows not only the importance of education about standardization but also how this can be organized, and finally, for universities, the book shows that standardization deserves to be included in the curriculum, and it provides guidance and best practice examples about how this can be done.

In this Book

  • Standards in The Classroom—A Vehicle For Sustainability Education
  • A Look Behind the Curtain—Standardization Education for Engineers from the Electric Vehicle Standardization Shopfloor
  • From Boring to Intriguing—Personal Perspective on Making Education About Standardization Appealing to Students
  • Mutual Enforcement of Research and Education—The Case of Structured Inquiry-Based Teaching of Standardization
  • Addressing Sustainability in Education About Standardisation—Lessons from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University
  • Education About Standardization in the Context of Sustainable Development
  • Strategies on Education About Standardization in Romania
  • Necessary Competences of Employees in The Field of Standardization
  • UNECE Initiatives on Education on Standardization
  • The Need for Multi-disciplinary Education About Standardization
  • Learning in Communities of Standardisation Professionals
  • Teaching Standardization to Generation Z-Learning Outcomes Define Teaching Methods
  • Sustainable Development—Knowledge and Education About Standardisation—Discussion