Systematic Software Testing

  • 7h 7m
  • Rick D. Craig, Stefan P. Jaskiel
  • Artech House
  • 2002

There’s no quicker way to realize return on investment than to prevent or discover defects early in the software development lifecycle. Written by leading experts, this book delivers a flexible, risk-based process that improves your software testing capabilities and helps you do just that. Whether your organization already has a well-defined testing process, or it’s faltering with almost no process, Systematic Software Testing provides unique insights into better ways to test your software.

Learn to use a preventive method of testing that parallels the software development lifecycle, and subsequently how to create and use test plans, design, and metrics. Detailed instructions help you decide what to test, how to prioritize, and when testing is complete. You’ll even learn to conduct risk analysis and measure test effectiveness to maximize the efficiency of your testing efforts.

And because organizational structure, the right people, and management are primary keys to better software testing, Systematic Software Testing helps you shape your organization to better respond to the dynamics of software testing.

  • Learn how testing fits into the bigger software development picture
  • Get a cradle-to-grave perspective on testing that parallels the software development lifecycle
  • Gain an understanding of what constitutes good testing practices and processes
  • Learn the principles of leadership and how to apply them to managing testing teams
  • Develop a tailor-made testing process that fits your organization’s unique structure based on the authors’ 25 years of experience

About the Authors

Rick D. Craig, an experienced test manager and consultant at Software Quality Engineering, has spoken at testing conferences every year since 1985. Rick has helped hundreds of companies throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas improve their testing practices. Rick is the former American editor of Software Quality Management magazine, an active member of Mensa of America, and a colonel in the United States Marine Corps Reserve. He is a technical editor for, a community Web site for software testing and quality engineering managers and professionals.

Stefan P. Jaskiel is an information manager experienced in the development of technical documentation. He has developed a wide variety of reference manuals, online help systems and multimedia CD-ROMs for hardware and software applications in client/server, Web, and PC environments. Stefan has led the design and development of systems/processes for managing and disseminating technical information and he is also coauthor of the recently published book, The Web Testing Handbook.

In this Book

  • An Overview of the Testing Process
  • Risk Analysis
  • Master Test Planning
  • Detailed Test Planning
  • Analysis and Design
  • Test Implementation
  • Test Execution
  • The Test Organization
  • The Software Tester
  • The Test Manager
  • Improving the Testing Process
  • Some Final Thoughts…


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