The 50 Secrets of Self-Confidence: The Confidence to do Whatever you Want to do

  • 4h 5m
  • Richard Nugent
  • Hodder & Stoughton Ltd
  • 2015

What would a little extra confidence mean to you?

You might do better at work, feel more comfortable in social situations, be more open to new experiences. Confidence can do amazing things for you.

If you've ever done anything well you already know how to do confidence. The secret is to know what it looks, sounds and feels like for you, and then replicate it in areas where confidence doesn't come so easily.

Instant confidence

Most people are brought up thinking you're either confident or not. That's not the case. Confidence isn't something you have or don't have; it's something you do or don't do. We all have it and can trigger it in an instant regardless of situation, experience or external factors.

Get the confidence habit

This book is packed with strategies for increasing confidence. By choosing one or two at a time and using them, your confidence will grow significantly no matter what your starting point. Apply the tools, techniques and principles you are about to read and you will have all the confidence you could ever need in any situation.

The 50 Secrets of Self-Confidence was first published as Secrets of Confident People.

About the Author

Richard Nugent is a performance coach, motivator and leadership expert. His Success in Football consultancy has worked with players and coaches from Liverpool, Newcastle United, Sunderland, Southampton and LA Galaxy. In business, as MD of twentyoneleadership, he works with corporate clients such as Tesco and Lego to improve their leadership development, business balance and coaching culture. He has regularly appeared on BBC Radio and in other media.

In this Book

  • The Fundamental Secret of Confidence
  • The Myth of Fear
  • Understand the Power of your Thoughts
  • What Confidence is and What it isn't
  • The Official Psychology of Confidence
  • Who are you?
  • You and Your Values
  • It's not All About you
  • Escape the Prison of your Beliefs
  • Perfect you
  • The Detail of your Confidence
  • Confidence Comes from Calm
  • Innate Confidence
  • Get More of What you Focus On
  • Create a Confident Future
  • Make Personal Development a Must
  • You Won't Get what you Want if you don't Know what you Want
  • Focus On what you can Change
  • Focus On Solutions
  • Positivity Creates Confidence
  • Luck and Confidence
  • Confidence Before Success
  • The Physiology of Confidence
  • The Language of Confidence
  • Creating a Confident Image
  • Confidence from Others
  • Make Confident Decisions
  • Make More Decisions
  • Take Action
  • Financial Confidence
  • Become the World's Leading Expert
  • Confidence in Confrontation
  • Building a Confident Team
  • Building a Confident Organization
  • Confident Job Applications
  • Confidence at Work (Part 1)
  • Confidence at Work (Part 2)
  • The Confidence to Go it Alone
  • Confidence for Introverts
  • Confident Influencing
  • Confident Public Speaking
  • Confidence in Sport
  • What Comedy Teaches you About Confidence
  • Confident Teaching
  • Confident Learning
  • Body Confidence
  • Confident Dating
  • Confident Relationships
  • Confident Parenting
  • Sharing your Confidence