The 80/20 Revolution: How You Can Create and Capture Wealth and Wellbeing

  • 4h 13m
  • Richard Koch
  • Nicholas Brealey Publishing
  • 2002

No longer is the corporation or capital king. Creative individuals and their teams are the new driving force of the economy, creating--and capturing--wealth and wellbeing.

The 80/20 revolution is as important as the agricultural, industrial and managerial revolutions and will change our daily lives.

In this sequel to his classic The 80/20 Principle, Richard Koch shows how the 80/20 principle is enabling individuals to become 80/20 people. Clearly and simply, he explains how you can become an 80/20 person, and enjoy life at a new level of authenticity and creation.

About the Author

Richard Koch, the author of the international bestseller The 80/20 Principle and The Power Laws of Business, is a highly successful entrepreneur whose ventures have included consulting (LEK), personal organizers (Filofax), hotels (Zoffany), restaurants (Belgo), and premium gin (Plymouth).

Formerly he was consultant with The Boston Consulting Group and a partner of Bain & Company. He is currently an investor-director of Betfair and advises private equity groups in the UK and South Africa.

In this Book

  • The 80/20 Revolution—How You Can Create and Capture Wealth and Wellbeing
  • Introduction to the 80/20 Revolution
  • The Rise of the Creative Individual
  • Enlist Your Most Creative 20 Percent
  • Enlist and Mutate Great Ideas
  • Enlist the Vital Few Profit Forces
  • Enlist Einstein
  • Individuals Enlist Great
  • Enlist Your Firm
  • Enlist Other Firms
  • Enlist Capital
  • Enlist Zigzag Progress
  • From Capitalism ro Individualism
  • What If?


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