The AS/400 Programmer's Handbook: A Toolbox of Examples for Every AS/400 Programmer

  • 4h 20m
  • Mark McCall
  • MC Press, LLC.
  • 1998

Now you can eliminate hours of time spent researching complex programming techniques. This handy, desktop guide provides programming examples for nearly every AS/400 development task you face. No more rummaging around in old code to find and modify a technique you need for a new application. No more writing routines from scratch. This book puts dozens of prototypical techniques at your fingertips, ready to key in or insert directly from your development library.

In this Book

  • CL Error Handling
  • CL Message Prompting
  • Reading a Database File in CL
  • String Handling in CL
  • Open Query File Examples
  • The Simple Shortcut Command
  • The Authority-Adopting Command
  • The Advanced Custom Command
  • Arrays, Tables, and Data Structures
  • Date-Handling Example
  • Subfile Examples
  • Enhanced User-Interface Examples
  • Sharing Data Among Programs
  • Print Program Examples
  • Creating Application Help