The Compensation Handbook: A State-of-the-Art Guide to Compensation Strategy and Design, Fourth Edition

  • 11h 26m
  • Dorothy R. Berger (eds), Lance A. Berger
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2000

Completely revised and updated, this new edition provides simple and direct answers to specific compensation problems. Written by the leading practitioners in the field, it covers such important topics as attracting and retaining outstanding employees in a tight market, executive compensation, computers and compensation, and how to use a mix of compensation devices.

In this Book

  • The Compensation Handbook — A State-of-the-Art Guide to Compensation Strategy and Design, Fourth Edition
  • The Role Of Compensation In Corporate Transformation
  • Millennium Compensation Trends
  • The Evolution Of Compensation Practices
  • Compensation–An Overview
  • Job Analysis And Job Documentation
  • Methods Of Job Evaluation
  • Compensation Surveys
  • Retrieving, Manipulating, And Analyzing Compensation Data
  • Developing Competitive Compensation Programs
  • The Development Of Salary Structures
  • Pay For Skills, Knowledge, And Competencies
  • Relating Competencies To Pay
  • Budgeting, Auditing, And Control Systems For Salary Administration
  • Computers And Compensation Administration
  • Using Information Technology For Salary Budgeting And Planning
  • Variable Pay–An Overview
  • Variable Pay–New Perspectives
  • Improshare–Sharing Productivity Gains With Employees
  • Gain Sharing–Sharing Improved Performance
  •   Nonmonetary Rewards–Cash Equivalents And Tangible Awards
  •   Team-Based Pay
  • Optimizing Team-Based Incentives
  • Increasing Sales Force Effectiveness Through Compensation
  • The Role Of Competencies In Sales Force Success
  • Executive Compensation Strategy
  • Designing And Implementing Total Executive Compensation Programs
  • Annual Incentive Plans For Management
  • Long-Term Incentives
  • Executive Compensation Systems–Drivers Or Results From Strategic Choices?
  • Employment Agreements
  • The Changing Landscape Of Board Remuneration
  • Performance Measures–An Overview
  • Performance Management
  • Measuring The Hard Stuff–Teams And Other Hard-To-Measure Work
  • Changing Measures For Changing Times
  • Performance-Based Rewards: What Are The Best Practices?
  • Measuring And Assessing Top Executive Performance
  • Merit Pay And Performance Appraisal
  • Culture And Compensation
  • Passing The Baton: Connecting Compensation, Behaviors, Culture, And Strategy To Win
  • Rewarding Scarce Talent
  • Gaining A Competitive Edge By Improving The Return On Human Capital
  • The Role Of Work-Life Benefits In The Total Pay Strategy
  • Establishing Global Compensation Strategies
  • Expatriate Compensation Practices
  • Global Local National Compensation Practices


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