The Compliance Revolution: How Compliance Needs to Change to Survive

  • 3h 21m
  • David Jackman
  • John Wiley & Sons (US)
  • 2015

As demonstrated by their contribution to the 2008 global financial crisis, traditional compliance practices are severely lacking in effectiveness. Compliance is absolutely critical in creating a robust and resilient organization, one which is trusted by clients and contributes to market stability. It is clear that to achieve this the way compliance is approached within firms is in need of change. The Compliance Revolution will help better prepare you and your organization in implementing effective and efficient compliance procedures and practices.

Compliance is rapidly becoming more complex irrespective where you are located in the world as requirements become more demanding and, increasingly, internationally coordinated. Written for compliance staff, regulatory organizations, and senior management The Compliance Revolution explains the significance of key changes in compliance affecting underlying principles, practices, roles, expectations and values. David Jackman provides a valuable guidebook for global practitioners, one that will help navigate compliance requirements and help in effectively protecting their firm.

Jackman sets out a coherent model for understanding and applying key developments in regulation and compliance. While the model is based on financial services, it can be applied to any sector and industry. It identifies five critical compliance components: Start-up, crises, expansion, sustainability and outcomes-led focus.

In this comprehensive guide, you will discover:

  • why compliance is worth spending money on
  • what your firm could and should be doing differently
  • the importance of ethics in compliance and in meeting regulatory challenges
  • how to create a pro-compliance culture
  • why governance matters
  • 10 principles of good governance
  • how to employ judgment-based compliance
  • what constitutes 'corporate maturity'and why it can be an advantage

Highlighting the key compliance challenges and helping all those with a stake in compliance—which ultimately is not only every board member and compliance manager, but every employee — The Compliance Revolution reveals the practical tools and techniques required to enhance the effectiveness of the compliance function


In this Book

  • The Compliance Revolution—How Compliance Needs to Change to Survive
  • Preface
  • New Compliance
  • General Model of Regulatory and Compliance Development
  • Is Compliance Worth the Money?
  • Ethics
  • Culture
  • Good Governance
  • Outcomes
  • Community
  • Corporate Faith
  • Corporate Maturity