The Emerging Healthcare Leader: A Field Guide, Second Edition

  • 4h 12m
  • Laurie K. Baedke, Natalie D. Lamberton
  • Health Administration Press
  • 2018

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, the profession of healthcare management needs strong leaders who will rise to the challenges of today and carry organizations into the future.

The Emerging Healthcare Leader: A Field Guide is an essential resource for those in the early stages of becoming a healthcare leader. Packed with tactics, tips, and illuminating straightforward examples, this book is an indispensable guide to building your career in healthcare leadership.

Honestly and authentically, authors Laurie Baedke and Natalie Lamberton offer practical suggestions and share anecdotes, personal stories, and important lessons learned from their own professional experiences. The book covers:

  • Developing self-awareness
  • Practicing self-management
  • Cultivating your personal brand
  • Launching your career
  • Understanding and refining your leadership style
  • Learning and rebounding from failures
  • Maximizing your internship opportunities
  • Mastering the interview process

This second edition includes new chapters on emotional intelligence and successful onboarding. Valuable content on technology, social media, online presence, networking, and professional decorum has been updated and expanded. Four new Notes to My 25-Year-Old Self from distinguished healthcare leaders are sources of additional inspiration and insight for readers.

Whether you re a newcomer to healthcare management or transitioning into a leadership role, The Emerging Healthcare Leader: A Field Guide provides the advice and ideas you need to advance your career.

About the Author

Laurie K. Baedke, MHA, FACHE, FACMPE, is a faculty member, director of healthcare leadership programs, and program director for the Executive MBA in Healthcare Management at Creighton University. A frequent speaker at national healthcare conferences and facilitator at company and association retreats, she works with both teams and individuals, including early careerists, physician leaders, and senior executives. She has expertise in physician practice management, leadership development, organizational change, emotional intelligence, and strengths-based leadership. She holds a bachelor s degree in human services and business administration and a master s degree in healthcare administration. Natalie D. Lamberton, MBA/MHA, FACHE, is the CEO of New Health Pain Treatment Centers, a medical home for Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries. Previously, she served as the chief operating officer of Jackson North Medical Center in North Miami, Florida and as the CEO of Regency Hospital of Fort Worth, Texas. With a passion for mentoring and inspiring new leaders, she has been a guest lecturer on leadership and management for master s degree programs across the country. She earned a bachelor of science degree in molecular biology and US history from the University of New Mexico and a dual MBA and MHA degree from the University of Colorado at Denver.

In this Book

  • Learn Self-Awareness
  • Practice Self-Management
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader: Habits, Practices, and Attributes of Executive Excellence
  • Pay Attention to Your Character
  • Consciously Commit to and Exercise Self-Discipline
  • Cultivate Your Personal Brand
  • Identify and Develop Your Leadership Style
  • Try, or Find Inspiration in, Servant Leadership
  • Bounce Back from Failure
  • Network, Network, Network!
  • Engage a Mentor, Be a Mentor
  • Grab That Internship!
  • Master the Job Interview
  • 90 Days of Onboarding
  • Own and Manage Your Career Path