The Emotional Intelligence Activity Book: 50 Activities for Developing EQ at Work

  • 2h 45m
  • Adele B. Lynn
  • 2002

Emotional Intelligence or “E.I.”—a person’s ability to manage feelings and communicate with others—is said to be a greater predictor of success in life and at work than I.Q. So it’s no wonder that companies are bringing trainers and coaches in to help motivate and develop their employees’ E.I. skills, as well as encouraging managers to do the same.

The Emotional Intelligence Activity Book presents trainers with 50 innovative exercises to be used for either individuals or groups. Arranged according to the five core competencies of E.I. (Self-awareness and Control, Empathy, Social Expertness, Mastery of Vision, and Personal Influence), the book features fun, field-proven exercises like:

  • Champion or Chump: Participants relate how other leaders have fostered a sense of significance in them, and explore how they can do the same for their own staff.
  • You Expect Me to What:? This exercise helps participants identify and act on mutual expectations in order to build trust and increase more productive lines of communication.
  • Control and Empowerment: This exercise shows leaders how to demonstrate a strong sense of interior power that helps empower others.

Featuring easy-to-use worksheets and valuable debriefing questions, these activities are understandable, memorable, and easily applicable to any of the daily situations that make Emotional Intelligence an invaluable asset to any team, department, or organization.

About the Author

Adele B. Lynn is the founder of Lynn Learning Labs, which consults with companies throughout the world. She is a frequent guest on radio talk shows, as well as a member of the National Speakers Association.

In this Book

  • What is Emotional Intelligence?
  • A Coach's/Trainer's Guide to Helping Leaders Improve Emotional Intelligence
  • How to Use this Guide and How Not to Use It
  • A Guide to the 50 Emotional Intelligence Activities
  • Suggested Training Formats
  • Champion or Chump
  • Importance Meter
  • Adding Fuel to the Importance Meter
  • Rank Order Your Employees
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Picture Yourself
  • Personality Contest
  • Music of Our Workplace
  • Coming Through
  • Open and Friendly versus Friendship
  • Listening Habits
  • Genuine Listening
  • Tuning in to Our Employees
  • I Was Appreciated
  • A Grateful Heart
  • Gifts
  • Yes, But ...
  • Common Mistakes with Gratitude
  • A Note of Thanks
  • Dumped On
  • Doing a Fair Share
  • The Boss's Fair Share
  • Action/Reaction
  • Take a Stand
  • I Value, We Value
  • Contribution Spirit Killers
  • You Expect Me to What?
  • Great Vision
  • My Vision
  • Inspiring Words
  • Sharing Your Vision
  • Who Invents?
  • Visions Apply to People Too
  • Vision Spirit Killers
  • Advice From the Pros
  • Working Toward the Vision
  • Advice From Employees
  • Today's Actions Toward the Vision
  • Fuel the Vision
  • Picture Yourself
  • Lessons From Low Points/High Points
  • It's My Show
  • Interior Power
  • Control and Empowerment
  • Steps for Growth
  • Spirit Killers that Stunt Your Growth
  • Your Most Inspired Self
  • Your Leadership Coat of Arms
  • More Reflections
  • The Power of Pictures
  • Additional Ideas


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