The Etiquette Edge: The Unspoken Rules for Business Success

  • 3h 20m
  • Beverly Langford
  • 2005

In today's increasingly diverse and ever-changing work environments, the old rules of conduct often don't seem to apply anymore. Customs vary, and language and cultural differences, not to mention evolving office hierarchies, are among the many factors making interaction an increasingly complex challenge.

The Etiquette Edge offers a clear, commonsense approach to making courtesy, etiquette, and respect for others a competitive advantage in the workplace. Rather than dwelling on dry, nitpicky "rules," the book emphasizes appropriate, effective communication and behavior as a means to get ahead. Simply written and containing quizzes, checklists, and sidebar examples, the book shows readers how to:

  • Recover from a major workplace faux pas
  • Handle sensitive e-mail and phone communications
  • Make a great impression on bosses, and get along with "enemies"
  • Deliver unwelcome information, including condolences
  • Manage confrontations with courtesy

About the Author

Beverly Langford (Atlanta, GA) is president of LMA Communication, a consulting, training, and coaching firm that works with organizations and individuals on strategic communication and message development. She teaches managerial communication at Georgia State University's Robinson College of Business.

In this Book

  • Twenty-First Century Manners—Can Courtesy Survive in the Brave New World?
  • Credibility—Creating it and Keeping It
  • Develop Your Gratitude Attitude—Say ''Thank You'' and Mean It
  • I See What You're Saying—Are Your Unspoken Messages Telling on You?
  • What the $%#*!& is Going on Here?—Should We Put a Leash on Our Language?
  • Tell Me Less—Some Things are Better Left Unsaid
  • Praiseworthy Praise—Giving Compliments that Count
  • What Did You Say?—Developing Your Ability to Listen
  • Convenience or Curse?—Is it Time for a Cell Phone Reality Check?
  • Travel Courtesy—Don't Leave Home without It
  • Terror on Both Sides of the Desk—Relieving Interview Stress
  • The New Job—Getting Started on the Right Foot
  • Office Space—Make Working Together More Enjoyable and Productive
  • E-Mail—Think before You Send
  • Using the Telephone Productively—Conversations, Teleconferencing, and Voice Mail Messaging
  • Are We Having a Casual Crisis?—Coping with Dress Code Confusion
  • Getting Along with Your Manager—Spotting and Solving Personality Problems
  • Loving Your Enemies—Coping with the Price of Success
  • When Your Best Friend Becomes Your Boss—Balancing the Professional and the Personal
  • How to Leave a Job—Making a Graceful Exit
  • Refuse to Schmooze and You Lose—Cultivating the Social Side of Business
  • Let's do Lunch—Dining Your Way to Success
  • Standing Out in the Crowd—Getting Noticed without Becoming Notorious
  • He Said, She Said—When the Gender Gap Seems as Wide as the Grand Canyon
  • When Silence is Not a Virtue—Complaining without Carping
  • When an Apology is in Order—Saying "I'm Sorry"
  • Tell it like it Is—Delivering Unwelcome Information without Doing Permanent Damage
  • Confronting with Courtesy—Preserving Relationships While Resolving Differences
  • When the Worst Happens—Dealing with Tragedy and Death
  • Citizenship in the Global Village
  • A Final Word