The Expansion Sale: Four Must-Win Conversations to Keep and Grow Your Customers

  • 2h 21m
  • Erik Peterson, Tim Riesterer
  • McGraw-Hill
  • 2020

Proven customer engagement approaches for winning in the most important moments driving profitability and growth—customer retention and expansion

Industry analysts report that up 70-80% of business growth comes from existing customers.

So why are you still investing mainly in attracting new customers? And, leaving renewals and upsells to chance? Or, worse yet, using a one-size-fits-all approach to acquisition as you do for expansions?

The Expansion Sale provides everything you need to seize the competitive edge in the customer-success space. Authors Erik Peterson and Tim Riesterer explain how the buying psychology of existing customers differs from that of new customers, and show how to adapt your commercial engagement strategies accordingly. They provide clear, easy-to-apply messaging frameworks for creating and delivering winning conversations in the four must-win commercial moments of customer success: ensuring renewals, communicating price increases, increasing upsells, and apologizing effectively for service failures.

About the Authors

Erik Peterson is CEO of Corporate Visions, a $70 million customer conversation consulting and training company. He has delivered consulting engagements, keynotes, and messaging skills workshops to more than 10,000 marketing and sales executives in over 13 countries, and his teams have executed this work in 56 countries around the world.

Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer of Corporate Visions conducts original, exclusive research in the area of decision-making science and its use in B2B marketing, sales and customer success. He partners with leading academic researchers in the area of behavioral science, persuasion and negotiations to test and develop the concepts that are then proven with clients in real-world application.

In this Book

  • Acquisition Does Not Equal Expansion
  • Expansion Messaging: Mission Critical, but Missing in Action
  • Why Stay and the Psychology Behind Renewals
  • Cracking the Code on the Price Increase Conversation
  • Why Pay More: A Framework for Improving Your Price Increase Conversations
  • Messaging for the Upsell: The Why Evolve Conversation
  • The Winning Why Evolve Message Framework
  • "Sorry" Shouldn’t Be the Hardest Word: Apology Science and the Expansion Sale
  • The Winning Why Forgive Message Framework
  • The Right Message at the Right Time: Mastering Situational Fluency
  • Delivering the Message: Essential Skills for the Expansion Seller
  • Navigating the Conversation: Advanced Skills for the Expansion Seller
  • Expansion Messaging as a Commercial Strategy
  • Parting Thoughts