The Leader's Window: Mastering the Four Styles of Leadership to Build High-Performing Teams, Second Edition

  • 6h 52m
  • John D.W. Beck, Neil M. Yeager
  • Intercultural Press
  • 2001

Do you know how to lead people? This is the toughest act required of every supervisor, manager, executive, and CEO. In the face of leadership challenges and increasing pressure to produce results, here is proven guidance for achieving the highest possible performance from your workers—both collectively, and individually.

Neither abdicating nor dominating, but truly empowering workers is the key. Peer into this newly expanded edition of The Leader’s Window to:

  • Build and maintain high-performance teams to guarantee long-tern success
  • Expose seven teamwork myths, and revise tactics accordingly
  • Meet the needs of the people you work for and the people who work for you

It’s not easy being a leader, but it is possible to achieve greatness and support long-term success even at the frenetic pace of business as we now encounter it. This book will show you how.

About the Authors

John D.W. Beck, Ed.D., is a director of the Charter Oak Consulting Group based in Connecticut. Founded in 1986, this management consulting firm specializes in strengthening organizational performance through leadership, teamwork, and organizational effectiveness. Beck is the creator of The Leadership 4 System, which has helped thousands of organizations worldwide meet challenges and address business opportunities. Among his many clients are Accenture, Boise Cascade, BP, Carrier, the Connecticut State government, the Hartford, Heublein, Lotus, Mass Mutual, MCI, Otis, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Pratt & Whitney, Sain-Gobain, Shawmut National Bank, and Travelers. Prior to founding Charter Oak, he was a professor in the Business School at the University of Hartford.

Neil M. Yeager, Ed.D, is a director of the Charter Oak Consulting Group. With twenty years’ experience as an organization development consultant, he specializes in executive leadership development through individual and team coaching. His many clients include AT Kearney, Bear Stearns, BP, Carrier, Compaq, Intel, LTV Steel, McKinsey & Company, and Otis. A frequently quoted expert in such publications as the New York Times and Fortune, Yeager has authored or coauthored several books, including the national best-seller Power Interviews. He previously taught in the master’s in management program at Cambridge College.

In this Book

  • The Leader’s Window—Mastering The Four Styles Of Leadership To Build High-Performing Teams, Second Edition
  • Welcome to the World of Leadership
  • Windows on the World of Leadership
  • The 4 Windows of Leadership
  • Window 1: The Leader as Director
  • Window 2: The Leader as Problem Solver
  • Window 3: The Leader as Developer
  • Window 4: The Leader as Delegator
  • Your Personal Window of Leadership
  • Window Wisdom: The Name of the Game Is Leadership by Anticipation
  • Through the Working Glass: Viewing Followers Through Their Window of Potential
  • Creating Windows of Opportunity with Your People
  • The Personality Prism: Seeing the World Through Other People’s Windows
  • Creating Positive Group Dynamics: An Underused Window of Opportunity
  • The Secrets of The Leader’s Window: Making Teams Work
  • Epilogue
  • References