The New Enlightenment: Reshaping Capitalism and the Global Order in the 21st Century

  • 1h 41m
  • Arie Y. Lewin, David J. Teece, Greg Linden
  • Cambridge University Press
  • 2022

The Reinventing Capitalism series seeks to feature explorations about the crisis of legitimacy facing capitalism today, including the increasing income and wealth gap, the decline of the middle class, threats to employment due to globalization and digitalization, undermined trust in institutions, discrimination against minorities, global poverty and pollution. The series is intended to be a collection of authoritative literature reviews of foundational topics on renewing capitalism. Being grounded in a business and management perspective, the series incorporates insights from multiple disciplines that promise to substantiate the causes of the current crisis and potential solutions what needs to be done. This Element provides an overview of the series, explains the background of its development and contains eight sections that deal with various facets of the subject from the perspectives of a group of top-notch authors.

About the Author

Arie Y. Lewin, Duke University, North Carolina

Greg Linden, University of California, Berkeley

David J. Teece, University of California, Berkeley

In this Book

  • Introduction—The New Enlightenment
  • Capitalism and the Legacy of Adam Smith
  • The Failure of Shareholder Value Ideology and the Contours of a Humane Capitalism
  • Innovation and Financialization in the Corporate Economy
  • Corporate Governance, CEO Compensation, and the Income Gap
  • Reviving Productive Capitalism—How CEOs and Boards Can Drive Sustained Value Creation
  • Market Power and the New Antitrust—Where the Antimonopoly Narrative Goes Wrong
  • The Emerging Technological Revolutions and Social Change
  • How and Why Globalization Is Disaggregating—The Impact of China
  • References