The New Influencing Toolkit: Capabilities for Communicating with Influence

  • 4h 9m
  • Tim Baker
  • Palgrave Macmillan Ltd
  • 2015

Without influence, managers are ineffective. There is growing recognition that this is a core leadership competency for managers, across industries, geographies and sectors. Managers need to influence up, down and increasingly, sideways as organizations become flatter, more manoeuvrable and less hierarchical. The New Influencing Toolkit is expertly designed to diagnose and develop managerial influence. Four influencing strategies make-up the "Influencing Capabilities Framework": investigating, calculating, motivating; and collaborating. On completion of the diagnostic included within the book, managers are given practical techniques and methods to enhance each of these four influencing strategies. These strategies are at the heart of leadership for the 21st Century manager.

About the Author

Dr Tim Baker is an international consultant and Managing Director of WINNERS-AT-WORK Pty Ltd, a consultancy that specialises in change management and assists managers to develop productive workplace cultures. Dr Baker has 18 years of experience working with small, medium and large public and private sector enterprises across most industry sectors. Together with being an international consultant, Dr Baker is a successful author, executive coach, master trainer, corporate educator, visiting university lecturer and keynote speaker. In 2013, Tim was voted as one of The 50 Most Talented Global Training & Development Leaders by the World HRD Congress which is awarded by a distinguished international panel for professionals "who are doing extraordinary work" in the field of HRD. His international experience has seen him conduct major change management projects in Saudi Arabia, Finland, Canada, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. He is the author of The 8 Values of Highly Productive Companies: Creating Wealth From a New Employment Relationship (Brisbane, Australian Academic Press, 2009), The End of the Performance Review: A New Approach to Appraising Employee Performance (London, Palgrave Macmillan) and Attracting and Retaining Talent: Becoming an Employer of Choice (London, Palgrave Macmillan). Tim has conducted over 2,430 seminars, workshops and keynote addresses to over 45,000 people in 11 countries across 21 industry groups and regularly writes for HR industry press. Dr Baker has been a Member of the Queensland University of Technology Council since 2010 He is a Fellow of the Australian Human Resource Institute and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Facilitators.

In this Book

  • Introduction
  • The Power of Position
  • Personal Power
  • Five Tools to Enhance Organizational Status
  • Nine Tools to Build Personal Power
  • Influencing Capabilities Framework
  • The Four Influencing Strategies
  • Influencing Capabilities Profile
  • Interpreting Your Profile
  • The Inquisitive Investigator
  • The Clear Calculator
  • The Mindful Motivator
  • The Collegial Collaborator
  • Investigation—Gathering Evidence
  • Investigation—Generating Ideas
  • Investigation—Asserting Ideas
  • Investigation—Countering Arguments
  • Calculation—Weighing Options
  • Calculation—Communicating Standards
  • Calculation—Providing Feedback
  • Calculation—Offering Concessions
  • Motivation—Communicating Vision
  • Motivation—Generating Enthusiasm
  • Motivation—Connecting Emotionally
  • Motivation—Building Morale
  • Collaboration—Sharing Ownership
  • Collaboration—Communicating Openly
  • Collaboration—Listening Actively
  • Collaboration—Building Trust
  • References