Sell Yourself First: The Most Critical Element in Every Sales Effort

  • 8h 38m 13s
  • Thomas A. Freese
  • Gildan Media
  • 2010

The familiar adage that "It's a jungle out there" applies to sellers and sales organizations now more than ever. Competitors are hungry for business; decision makers are wary of change; and the market is crowded with products and services that are barely distinguishable from one another. Meanwhile, the tried-and-true sales methods of the past are simply no longer effective in a world where customers aren't sure whom to trust.

In this Audiobook

  • 1 : The Elephant in the Room
  • 2 : Your Next Job Interview
  • 3 : Customers Won't Trust Just Anyone
  • 4 : Managing Conversational Dynamics
  • 5 : Establishing the Customer's Buying Criteria
  • 6 : How to Be More Strategic with Your Sales Questions
  • 7 : Cost-Justifying Your Intangible Value Proposition
  • 8 : Making Prospects More Receptive to Your Message
  • 9 : Positioning Your Solutions Against the Competition
  • 10 : Paint Pictures with Your Words
  • 11 : Wrapping Up the Sale