The Power to Become: How I Changed My Own Destiny

  • 1h 39m
  • Deepak Shrestha
  • Marshall Cavendish
  • 2018

The Power to Become is an inspiration journey of personal transformation ― about a barefoot boy from Nepal who became a successful and committed businessman and philanthropist.

Tales of running barefoot in remote villages, of the struggle to find even a few cents to his name transforms into tales of his own efforts at helping others. This book provides an insider's view of life in the Everest region through Deepak's eyes as he makes his own extraordinary ascent to become the man he is today. It details Nepal as you've never seen before, beyond the looming majesty and romance of Mount Everest, into the heart of its resilient and resourceful people.

A vivid and absorbing tale of how he transformed his lessons learned in the unforgiving mountains into a lasting and significant business that seeks to enrich the minds of the younger generation. This book is proof that anything is possible if you dare to go full throttle into life's great adventure.

About the Author

Deepak was born in 1973 to a family of subsistence farmers and cattle herders in Nepal. At the age of 13, he moved to the capital, Kathmandu and was employed in a progression of wildly different professions that eventually lead him to the tourism industry at the age of 15. He formed Divine International Explore & Treks in 2000, his own travel company that continues to be a leader in the Nepal Tourism industry. He later set up Divine Foundation in Nepal to promote educational and cultural links between the people of Nepal and Singapore, and to encourage support of local projects in Nepal. He currently resides in Singapore with his wife, Alice, and son Adam, running the Divine offices in both Singapore and Nepal.

In this Book

  • Moving Mountains
  • Falling in Love with Singapore
  • Trials and Tribulations
  • Meeting Alice
  • Building the Divine Brand
  • Bridging the World One Step at a Time
  • Helping the Himalayas
  • Next Gen Nepal