The Practical Negotiation Handbook: A Five Step Approach to Lasting Partnerships

  • 4h 3m
  • Melissa Davies
  • Kogan Page
  • 2021

Effective negotiations lead to sustainable partnerships, help both parties to achieve higher goals than they would alone and allow organizations to avoid the costly price of conflict. This book outlines a simple and powerful method of negotiating, either in person or virtually.

The Practical Negotiation Handbook outlines a tried and tested five-step process for negotiating lasting agreements, with best practice case examples, checklists and tools. This thoroughly practical guide brings together over 25 years of the author's experience negotiating in a variety of countries and contexts to give you the confidence to negotiate any kind of contract or agreement, large or small.

Using a 'solution-focused' approach which centres around preferred outcomes rather than conflicts, and on questioning and listening to the other party rather than trying to convince or impose and making assumptions, this pragmatic book will help build your profile as an ethical and respected negotiator. From contextual analysis and goal preparation to the importance of communication and building an offer, it cuts through the theory and clearly outlines the skills needed to influence the outcome and implementation of any negotiation.

In this Book

  • Introduction and Mindset
  • The Five-Step Process: Characteristics and Focus
  • Prerequisites and Positioning Your Goal (Linkage Tool)
  • Step 1: Contextual Analysis
  • Step 2: Goal Analysis
  • Step 3: The Encounters
  • Tools for Use During Encounters
  • Online Negotiations and Online Encounters
  • Non-Cognitive Skills in Negotiation Encounters
  • Step 4: The Offer
  • Step 5: The Implementation
  • A Few Thoughts on Gender and Negotiation Skills