The Problem Solving & Decision-Making Toolkit: 32 Fully Reproducible, Ready-to-Use Tools to Help You Build Your Know-How to Solve Problems, Be More Creative, and Make Better Decisions

  • 1h 18m
  • Jon Warner, Paul Wildman
  • Human Resource Development Press
  • 2003

Effective and efficient problem-solving and decision-making are not only valuable individual skills for work and non-work situations alike, but they are also prerequisites for effective ongoing organizational performance and success. If an enterprise fails to identify problems or challenges correctly or fails to resolve them properly, then sales, market share, expenses, customer and employee satisfaction, profits, and shareholder dividends can all be seriously affected.

This “toolkit” aims to give individuals a range of tools and processes to help increase the number of forward options that are available, assist in generating a range of alternative choices, or just apply a series of systematic steps to move forward positively and get to a useful conclusion or decision more quickly and/or more cost effectively.

About the Authors

Paul Wildman has an extensive track record in the area of management and organizational development, futures studies, and labor market programs. Presently he is Fellow in Management Futures at the International Management Centre (IMC)—Pacific region—Brisbane. From 1990–94, he was Director of Training and Labour Market Programs in Queensland for TAFE. From 1994–97, he was a lecturer at Southern Cross University (SCU) until 1997 when he developed and lectured in Management, Community Issues, and Futures Studies (FS) in the then only online Masters specialization in Australia. Presently he works in the private sector in the area of management development and training. He is co-chair of the Millennium Project of the American Council for the United Nations University in the South Pacific Region. He also undertakes research and commissions into third sector management development, and youth and work futures, and gives workshops in Community Economic Futures (CEF) and Adult Learning. He has an extensive publishing record in these areas including the development of several interactive CD-ROMs.

Jon Warner is a professional manager with over 25 years experience in a number of major multi-national companies in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, and Australia. This experience has included time as a senior staff manager in human resources and a number of line roles with responsibility for large groups of people. During the past 5 years, Jon has been involved in broad-ranging organizational consultancy and the pursuit of best practice leadership. This consulting has taken him into a number a major organizations such as Mobil Oil, the National Bank, BTR, Qantas, Gas and Fuel, United Energy, Air Products and Chemicals, and Barclays Bank. Jon Warner is also Managing Director of Team Publications Pty Limited, an international training and publishing company committed to bringing practical and fun to use learning material to the market.

In this Book

  • Supplier-to-Customer Chain Tool
  • Customer Service Process Analysis Tool
  • Moments of Truth Tool
  • Mapping the Order Process Tool
  • Pareto Chart Tool
  • Benchmarking Tool
  • Process Re-Engineering Tool
  • Process Mapping Tool
  • Cycle Time Determination Tool
  • Brainstorming Tool
  • Mind Mapping Tool
  • 5 "I" Innovation Method Tool
  • Morphological Matrix Tool
  • Six Hat Thinking Tool
  • Problem Statement Tool
  • Five W/H Tool
  • FADE Process Tool
  • Five Why's Tool
  • Force Field Analysis Tool
  • Decision Trees Tool
  • Evaluation Matrix Tool
  • Multi-voting Tool
  • Nominal Group Technique Tool
  • Cost Benefit Analysis Tool
  • Corrective Action Planning Tool
  • SWOT Chart Tool
  • Action Learning Tool
  • Focus Meetings Tool
  • Six Sigma Tool
  • Cause-and-Effect Chart Tool
  • Run/Trend Chart Tool
  • Scatter Diagram Tool