The Real-Time Contact Center

  • 3h 39m
  • Donna Fluss
  • 2005

As the focal point for sales and service, a company's call/contact centers know what customers want and need. Companies looking for a competitive edge must convert their reactive, cost-oriented contact programs into proactive, revenue-generating, real-time contact centers. These centers provide an outstanding customer experience, enhance loyalty, create new revenue, reduce expenses, and streamline the flow of information between the center and the rest of the company. The Real-Time Contact Center provides the tools, systems, implementation plans, best practices, ROI models, and practical guidance to make the transformation happen smoothly. Topics covered include:

  • Building the business case for creating real-time contact centers
  • Technologies and systems for increasing revenue while reducing expenses
  • Building stronger and more profitable relationships with sales and marketing
  • Improving self-service applications to heighten service quality and cut costs
  • Staffing, motivation, and training in leading edge real-time contact centers
  • Decision framework and best practices for offshore outsourcing

About the Authors

Donna Fluss is the Principal of DMG Consulting LLC, specializing in contact center strategy, operations, and technology for Global 2000 and emerging companies. She is a leading CRM visionary and a well-known writer and speaker.

In this Book

  • Transforming Contact Centers into Real-Time Enterprises
  • The Development of the Real-Time Contact Center
  • Contact Center Infrastructure
  • The Power of Speech Recognition for Self-Service
  • Designing, Building, and Maintaining a Vibrant E-Service Strategy
  • The Strategic Role of Quality Management and Liability Recording
  • The Role of Performance Management in Real-Time Contact Centers
  • Productivity and Quality Enhancement Systems in Real-Time Contact Centers
  • Real-Time Analytics—Conquering the Unstructured Data Challenge
  • Contact Center Staffing and Management
  • Building and Managing Contact Centers
  • Navigating the Offshore Landscape
  • Creating a World-Class Real-Time Engaged Contact Center
  • Maximizing the Benefits of the Real-Time Contact Center
  • Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms