The Science of Customer Connections: Manage Your Message to Grow Your Business

  • 2h 55m
  • Jim Karrh, PhD
  • Red Wheel/Weiser
  • 2019

Engaging, practical, and immediately useful for any business and its messengers on how to talk about their business and connect with their customers.

The vast majority of word of mouth happens offline, in everyday conversations. In The Science of Customer Connections, Karrh offers simple concepts plus practical guidance for individual professionals, teams, and complex organizations to be part of those conversations in ways that grow their business.

With clear language and a sense of humor, Karrh guides readers step by step to create:

  • A message that is memorable, interesting to buyers, and built to share
  • A growing set of messengers who include your story in their everyday conversations
  • Management habits that build consistency and scale

Readers will be equipped to engage customers and employees, build trustworthiness, and grow profitably―without necessarily having to change their business model, offerings, pricing, distribution, or people. Instead, they can quickly elevate the way that everyone close to the business talks about it, consistently resulting in stronger cross-selling and upselling of additional products and services, higher customer satisfaction, and more consistent employee engagement.

Inspirational real-world examples are presented from entrepreneurs and career changers, growth companies, and large global organizations.

About the Author

Jim Karrh, PhD uses his expertise in marketing communications and buyer behavior to help thousands of professionals talk about their businesses more effectively. He has received national and international awards as a researcher, corporate marketing leader, teacher, and columnist. He is also a professional speaker, consultant, and host of The Manage Your Message Podcast. He lives with his wife and children in Little Rock, Arkansas.

In this Book

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Your Message Can Be Your Business Advantage—If it isn't Hiding Somewhere
  • Making the Message—What Can We Say?
  • Getting Relevant—What Customers and Prospects Actually Want (and Need) to Hear
  • Crafting Your Conversations—What Needs to Be Said … And How!
  • We are All in This—Customer Conversations Really are for Everyone
  • Sometimes, the Messenger Does Get Shot—And Deserves it
  • Not Every Messenger is Created Equal (But Nearly All Can Be Effective)
  • You Can Be a Conversational Leader (And Probably Need to Be)
  • Know, Go, and Show—How Great Leaders Become Great Coaches, Too
  • Build Momentum and Enjoy the Business Impact
  • Bibliography